Turner and Hooch: Josh Peck will star in the new Disney Plus series

Josh Peck, best known for his role in Drake and Josh, will star in the Turner and Hooch TV series in the works at Disney Plus.

Disney has found their Scott Turner in the new Turner and Hooch. Josh Peck will star in the new Disney Plus series, according to Deadline.

The Disney Plus adaptation of will be a 12-episode TV series reboot of the Turner and Hooch movie from 1989, according to a recent report from Deadline. In the series reboot, Scott Turner played by Peck will be a U.S. Marshall, instead of a police detective like Scott was in the movie, but he’s basically playing the same role that Tom Hanks played.

In the original film, Turner was a neat-freak and by-the-book detective who inherits Hooch when his owner is murdered. Turner figures Hooch witnessed the crime and would help him find the murderer, so he takes Hooch home. Unfortunately, Turner quickly learns that Hooch is a huge drooler, and the dog quickly turns Turner’s immaculate life upside down.

In the series, Deadline describes Marshall Turner as an ambitious conservative man who inherits a dog as a partner but isn’t sure a dog makes a good partner. It sounds like the series will be focusing on the two unlikely heroes learning to be partners.

According to Deadline, the series is Matt Nix’s creation. Nix is the series writer and executive producer with Josh Levy (Bones) as a co-executive producer.

While the original film was a box office hit, it has become a classic over time and a movie I watch over and over again. I loved the original movie.

I know I will be watching the new Disney Plus series with the original film in mind and probably comparing the two. What made the film work was the chemistry between Hank’s character and Hooch, the dog. It really was.

The Deadline report doesn’t mention who will be playing Hooch in the series. Yet, Turner’s new furry partner will have to mesh with his character to make the series work.

We’ll let you know more about Turner and Hooch when we find out! Stay tuned for more news about the new Disney Plus series.

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