Sex Education officially renewed for season 3 at Netflix

Netflix has renewed Sex Education for season 3. The new season is expected to be released on Netflix in 2021.

Sex Education is officially happening at Netflix! The streaming network announced the news in a new video posted on social media via the Netflix UK and Ireland Twitter account.

In the video, Allestair Petrie, who plays Adam’s father and Principal Groff in the Netflix original series, walks through the halls of Moordale Secondary School and talks us through the characters from the series. We also get to see portraits of each character.

There were many rumors about Sex Education season 3 that popped up right after the release of the second season on Friday, Jan. 17. We had a pretty good feeling the season was happening, especially with how season 2 ended. It’s still good to know that this is officially happening. I know many fans expressed some anxiety about Netflix possibly canceling the series, so this should be good news!

Watch the renewal announcement below!

Honestly, there was never much doubt about Sex Education locking down a season 3 renewal. This show continues to be one of the best Netflix comedies ever, and there is so much to love about this series.

The second season was just as good as the first, and I don’t see this little show slowing down anytime soon. We’ll see how season 3 goes, but I could definitely see Netflix giving four or five seasons to this creative team and seeing where they end up. Not many Netflix shows have that opportunity anymore, but Sex Education has to be on that shortlist of Netflix shows with the potential for an extended run.

There have been rumors that production is scheduled to begin in May of 2020 for season 3. We haven’t been able to confirm that information. If the new season begins filming this spring, there’s a good chance we’ll get to see season 3 in January 2021.

We’ll be sure to let you know more about Sex Education season 3 when we find out! Stay tuned for more information about the new season of one of Netflix’s best shows.