Netflix’s The Stranger poses serious questions about revealing secrets

Photo: The Stranger.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: The Stranger.. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix’s must-watch TV series The Stranger raises interesting questions about whether secrets should be revealed. Spoilers ahead!

Harlan Coben’s novel-based TV series, The Stranger, is a mind-blowing series with more twists and turns than a roller coaster ride at Disney World.  I normally don’t like roller coaster rides, but I loved this series because of the twists and turns.

However, the secrets exposed by the Stranger (Hannah John-Kamen) destroyed four families and were responsible for three deaths. Was revealing those secrets worth the emotional and psychological damage to their families?

First, the Stranger was driven by her own secret. A secret that destroyed her life and was the force behind her actions in revealing the secrets of some people and blackmailing others. It was the revelation of two unseemingly unrelated secrets that spiraled out of control affecting everyone around them that caused all the damage. Let’s take a look at each incident.

Just a word of caution but there are major spoilers in this post for The Stranger.

1. Adam Price & Corrine Price

Enter Adam Price, portrayed by Richard Armitage. He is a lawyer who is happily married with two sons, Thomas (Jacob Dudman) and Ryan (Misha Handley), until one day a total stranger tells him that his wife Corrine (Dervla Kirwan) faked a pregnancy and the subsequent loss of said non-existent pregnancy.  The Stranger, who we learn is called Christine, tells Price where to look to find the evidence to support her claim and then just as quickly leaves.

Of course, he’s angry and confronts Corrine with the knowledge. Yes, Price is hurt, confused, and angry about the revelation, but the bottom line was that he loved Corrine. They would have worked it out and life would have continued if it had ended there. Except, it didn’t.

Corrine was the treasurer for the football club and thousands of dollars had been stolen from the club. Corrine knew the person who had stolen the money and knew he was attacking her and her family with this information. Corrine confronted the thief, Doug Tripp (Shaun Dooley), and in a fit of anger, Tripp hits her in the head with a hammer.

So, even if Adam didn’t learn Corrine’s secret, there was still the matter of Tripp stealing the money. Tripp was desperate and that desperation was the catalyst behind him striking out in anger at Corrine and killing her. If Christine hadn’t revealed Corrine’s secret, her death would have probably stayed a mystery, because it was Price that pushed the investigation for his missing wife.

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2. Heidi Doyle & Ingrid Prisby

In the case of Heidi’s (Jennifer Saunders) death, that would never have happened if Christine hadn’t been blackmailing Powers. Powers was the married businessman  Heidi’s daughter, Kimberly, was seeing. Powers couldn’t afford for his indiscretions to be posted on the internet so he hired Patrick Katz (Paul Kaye) to deal with the blackmailers. Katz killed Heidi because she was getting suspicious of his intentions.

Ingrid (Lily Loveless) was Christine’s friend and partner in the blackmailing business and was shot by Katz. He showed up where they were living brandishing a gun and shot Ingrid when Christine didn’t answer quickly enough.

In this case, revealing the secret got both Heidi and Ingrid killed. If Christine and Ingrid had not been blackmailing Powers, both Heidi and Ingrid would still be alive. There would have no reason to send Katz to clean up Powers’ mess.

Photo: The Stranger.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: The Stranger.. Image Courtesy Netflix /

3. Martin Killane & Christine Killane

Martin Killane wasn’t being blackmailed; it was his daughter Christine Killane AKA The Stranger who was doing the blackmailing of everyone else. She knew her father was lying about what happened to her mother. Killane had told Christine her mother had abandoned them both and ran away to be with her lover.

That secret was revealed on its own when a construction company tore Killane’s building down to make room for brand new, more expensive apartments. The body of Killane’s dead wife was buried in the chimney. It was that sense of abandonment that was the catalyst behind Christine’s actions in revealing truths. That and the fact that she wasn’t Killane’s daughter, to begin with; she was a half-sister to Price. Their father was Ed Price (Anthony Head) and it was to him Christine’s mother was leaving Killane for.

Should secrets be revealed?

Coming full circle, Price goes over to Tripp’s house and at gunpoint tells him to take Price to where Corrine is. He takes Price to the woods where he buried Corrine’s body and then goes through a whole spiel about how he suffered. Then tells Price if he doesn’t back Tripp’s story, all evidence will point to Price as being the killer. Price empties the gun he took from Katz into Tripp at the same time Johanna (Siobhan Finneran) shows up.

Johanna cleans up the crime scene and Katz will take the fall for both Heidi and Corrine’s death. Heidi and Ingrid wouldn’t have been killed, but Corrine’s death would have remained a mystery. So was it worth it? Three months later Price and Johanna meet at a football game and talked about what happened. He tells her he wishes he never knew about Corrine’s secret.

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