Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Tyler Cotton talks the shy and socially-awkward Melvin

Tyler Cotton plays the shy and socially-awkward Melvin on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He talks exclusively with Netflix Life about the role and what to look out for.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 is certainly an excellent addition to an already awesome Netflix Original. After initially meeting Melvin, played by Tyler Cotton, in the first season, we got to know him a little more in Part 3.

Cotton talked to Netflix Life about his role in the series and those who have inspired him to become an actor. He also dished on why Robin is his dream role.

Netflix Life: We got to see Melvin briefly in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2, but now we get to meet him more in Part 3. What’s it been like further developing this character?

Tyler Cotton: It feels great! Part 3 we get to see a few new sides of Melvin that were all really fun to play and I’m excited for the fans to get to know Melvin more

NL: How would you describe Melvin in your own words? 

Cotton: Melvin is a very shy, socially awkward, and well-dressed warlock. It feels like he’s out of place in the witchy world and because of this he feels like he doesn’t fit in

NL: Is there anything in particular that you can’t wait for the fans to see on screen?

Cotton: I don’t want to give it away because there are two back-to-back scenes in episode 2, I think, that are some of my favorite Melvin scenes. I had so much filming them.

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NL: I know speaking to Christopher Heyerdahl on the set of Hell on Wheels really helped set you on this journey of becoming an actor and dedicating your time to your craft. Is there anyone else who has helped inspire you during your career? 

Cotton: Of course! My father was actually a huge inspiration for me. When I was younger he had a TV show in Calgary called The PetGuys, and through that show, I got to do commercials, radio spots, and I was even in the show a few times. Both my parents continue to push and inspire me.

NL: I know your dream role is to play Robin. What is it about that character that stands out so much? 

Cotton: He always had hope, and he brings humanity to Batman. I’ve always found myself drawn to the lighter character who finds joy and hope in the dark times. I also loved that each generation has its own Robin so we get to grow up alongside them.

My Robin is Tim Drake. The first comic book I ever read was a Robin comic and I still have it. Ever since then I’ve always wanted to be Tim Drake.

Photo: Tyler Cotton.. Image Credit: Noah Asanias

NL: What are you passionate about in life other than acting?

Cotton: I always find myself looking up to the stars. I find astronomy so fascinating, I love learning about anything to do with space and the stars. Every time there is a “blood moon,” “blue moon,” meteor shower or anything I always try to stay up however late so I can see it, although sometimes that’s hard in Vancouver because of all the lights! I’d love to go out somewhere with no lights and just look at the stars.

Another thing I’m passionate about is music. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I play the ukulele, guitar and I’m learning the piano at the moment too!

NL: Is there anything I’ve missed that you’d really like to share, whether it’s about your character, the show, or just you in general?

Cotton: I think you got it all! I’ll just add how grateful I am for this amazing role and for the amazing fans! The show wouldn’t be possible without the fans. I’m a big nerd so I understand the passion behind fandoms so I love reading all of your messages, comments, theories, and I absolutely love seeing all of your artwork!

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is available on Netflix right now.