The Ranch is not coming back for Part 9

The Ranch Season 4 - Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix
The Ranch Season 4 - Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix /

The Ranch will not return for Part 9 on Netflix. The Netflix original series has come to an end after season 4 and Part 8. Spoilers ahead!

The Ranch has ended at Netflix. The final episodes of the series were added to Netflix when Part 8 was released on Friday, Jan. 24, 2020, and we saw all the loose ends tied up in the season 4 and series finale.

The Ranch will not be returning for season 5, which would have consisted of Part 9 and Part 10.

If you watched The Ranch Part 8 on Netflix, this probably goes without saying. We know some news falls through the cracks, so we wanted to remind viewers that the series has come to an end at Netflix and we have seen the final episodes of the popular Netflix comedy series.

The Ranch premiered on the streaming service in April 2016. It ran for four seasons, broken into eight parts and 80 episodes. As it stands, the series is the longest-running Netflix comedy series. Grace and Frankie will pass that mark when season 7 airs next year, but for now, The Ranch holds the title.

We’ve heard many rumors about how long The Ranch was supposed to run. It was rumored that the cast signed on for a five-season run, assuming Netflix renewed the show after each season. We don’t know if that was true, though. According to a report from Deadline, the show was never going to last more than four seasons, which likely means Netflix and the producers knew this season would be the final season of the series way before it was announced.

During Sam Elliott’s Oscar run in late 2018 and early 2019, it was revealed that The Ranch was coming to an end after season 4. We had to wait until the summer of 2019 until Netflix confirmed that season 4, which consisted of Part 7 and Part 8, would be the final season when Ashton Kutcher announced the news on Twitter.

While I’m sure fans are bummed this show is ending, I think the show ended about as well as it could have, all things considered. The series bowed out on a good note for most of the characters, and Colt and Abby got their happy ending after all. I don’t think fans can really ask for more. Most shows don’t make it to four seasons, and the ones that do, generally, rarely get to make 80 episodes.

How do you feel about The Ranch ending?

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