You season 2 to soon reach 54 million member households

Photo: Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley in You season 2.. Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix
Photo: Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley in You season 2.. Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix /

Never underestimate the power of a good psychological thriller, or, in this case, Joe Goldberg! A new report claims You on Netflix will soon reach 54 million member households.

The report is a little foggy and careful with its words, but from what we gather reading the Netflix Q4 Shareholder Letter, 54 million subscribers will “choose to watch” the second season of You within its first four weeks.

This means, season 2 does not have 54 million viewers in the bag just yet, as the latest season premiered on Netflix on Dec. 26. It still has a few days to reach four weeks, which will be on Jan. 26.

Interestingly so, the report also shares that the first season debuted to a “modest audience,” but has since evolved into a “global phenomenon.” This says a lot! From the sound of it, You on Netflix is one of the streaming service’s most popular shows, and you don’t need to be an expert or have access to viewership numbers to know this.

As soon as the series was discovered on the streaming titan, it’s all subscribers could chat about. The series was trending on Twitter in a matter of days, but season 2 began trending a day before the season even dropped. Fans were highly anticipating Penn Badgley’s return as Joe and took to Twitter to share their excitement.

Once the season arrived, memes and countless tweets flooded social media. Were you one of the millions of fans who tuned in to catch season 2 immediately? If you haven’t seen the series, join us! It continues to be one of the most-binged series, according to TV Time.

Season 1 and season 2 are now streaming on Netflix. A third season was given the official go earlier this month. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the latest!

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