Netflix in early talks about The Howling reboot

Director Andy Muschietti is in early talks with Netflix about a reboot of The Howling.

On Thursday, Deadline announced that IT director, Andy Muschietti, is in early talks with Netflix about doing a reboot of the1981 The Howling starring Dee Wallace. Although the project is in its embryonic stage with no deals signed, Muschietti’s sister would produce the movie.

This isn’t surprising as the idea for the reboot has been on Muschietti’s mind for a while. He first broached the idea last summer while attending a comic-con and apparently Bill Hader from IT: Chapter Two was totally behind the idea.

Since the original The Howling didn’t do well at the box office, Muschietti could breathe new life into this cult favorite as he did with the IT  franchise. That franchise brought in over $1 billion and done right so could The Howling reboot.

The Howling is based on the novel by Gary Brandner and starred Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Dennis Dugan, and Christopher Stone. The story centers around Karen White (Dee Wallace) who is a television personality being stalked by a serial killer. After she is nearly killed by him, it is recommended she goes to a remote mountain resort to recover. Karen arrives at the gorgeous resort and settles in for a quiet and recuperative holiday.

Except, not everything is as it seems, the people are closed-mouthed, aloof and hate strangers. Even though Karen had been invited by Dr. George Waggner to the resort he manages, she is made to feel like an unwelcome guest. Then things start to take a sinister turn.

I really enjoyed the original movie. It has a great storyline and with Muschietti working his magic on the reboot, I can foresee another hit movie for Netflix. So I am hoping the talks cement and make the reboot happen.

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