Servant season 1, episode 9: Was the big reveal disappointing?

Our biggest question has finally been answered in the latest episode of Servant on Apple TV Plus, but was the big reveal underwhelming?

Servant has been hyping up fans for a huge, shocking reveal. What happened to Jericho? Theories have been all over the place, many of them too dark to even imagine.

Episode 9, “Jericho,” finally allows viewers to see what happened to Sean and Dorothy’s baby boy, taking viewers back to that tragic day, but is it all a big disappointment? Spoilers ahead!

Final warning! If you have yet to watch the latest episode of Servant on Apple TV Plus, please note there are significant spoilers ahead.

Episode 9 takes viewers back and forth through the present time and Jericho’s last few days alive. Before we discuss how he died, let’s recall the darkest theory around his death: He was cooked. I know, who wants to see that?! No one. But can you blame Reddit and fans of Servant for believing this theory? Myself included? Why else has the series heavily focused on food from the beginning, and rotting, disgusting food, at that?

I get the symbolism, he fried in the car and his dead body was in the house with Dorothy for four days, rotting away, but still!

Another popular theory is that he died while under Sean and Julian’s care, which is why they are so guilty and willing to protect Dorothy from the truth. Well, it’s neither of those. Jericho died due to Dorothy’s neglect. She accidentally forgot him in the car during a very hot summer.

This, unfortunately, happens way too often in real life. Honestly, I feel for Dorothy. One can sympathize with a new, overwhelmed mom who is in desperate need of sleep, has probably not had a good meal in a while, and is all alone with the baby while Sean is out-of-town for work.

Dorothy brought the groceries in the house, put them away, and went on about her day, believing Jericho was in his crib napping. It wasn’t until she checked the crib that night that she found it empty. Don’t get me wrong, she should have been more careful. But it was an honest mistake.

Now that Leanne knows, the creepy nanny is furious and spends the next several days being rude to Dorothy, playing mean tricks on her that she knows will remind Dorothy of Jericho, and even gives Dorothy food poisoning (I know she did it!).

It’s unclear what will happen next. Will Leanne eventually let us know why she is there in the first place? Will Jericho turn to a doll for good? There are still more questions we have and only one episode left this season!

What do you think of the big reveal? Was it underwhelming or are you glad it’s not something more horrific?

Apple TV Plus premieres new episodes of Servant every Friday.

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