The Flash renewed for season 7: What’s next for Barry Allen?

The CW officially announced that The Flash would be renewed for yet another season. The question being asked now is what’s ahead for Barry Allen and the rest of Team Flash in season seven.

As one of The CW’s most-popular superhero series, The Flash being renewed for a seventh season comes as no surprise to us. Arrow ranks as the top show in the conveniently titled Arrowverse, but the series is wrapping up later this year. That moves The Flash up in the rankings.

Nevertheless, The Flash receiving a renewal for season 7 means there are more adventures for the Scarlet Speedster on the way.

The current crisis has brought into question whether or not Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will make it out alive, but it’s safe to say he hasn’t been killed off now that another season is greenlit. There’s a chance Barry will die as the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) predicted, of course, but it’s likely that Team Flash will resurrect their fallen friend at some point between season 6B and season 7.

Heroes aside, the more intriguing aspect of season 7 is which villain will take center stage. Season 6A concluded with Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurthy) being captured, and no other metahumans are running rampant in Central City. It’s possible season 6B will introduce the next antagonist, so fans should stay tuned.

One theory circulating online has proposed that Iris West (Candace Patton) and The Citizen are going to unravel the mystery behind the clandestine group using metahumans as assassins. Allegra’s cousin was one of their agents and it goes to reason there are more running about.

If true, The Flash season 7 will probably feature new metahumans and whoever is controlling them. Our guess is it’s a G-man similar to Black Lightning’s Agent Odell (Bill Duke). He too controls a stable of metahuman prisoners who are utilized as assassins. Jennifer Pierce (China Anne McClain) is actually one of them; she’s Black Lightning’s metahuman daughter.

Another subplot that needs to be addressed is Cisco (Carlos Valdes) getting his powers back. Breacher (Danny Trejo) informed his metahuman apprentice that repressing his powers would cause serious problems for him, and it turned out he was correct. Cisco overcame his power problems but that doesn’t mean he’s at peace with the matter.

To be clear, Cisco hasn’t willingly returned to his life as the metahuman Vibe. A task was thrust upon him by the Monitor during the crisis, but now, Cisco can decide for himself whether he wants to pursue a career as a vigilante or go back to working in the lab.

Whatever he decides, he’s not the only metahuman who has an intriguing future ahead of them. Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) and Allegra Garcia (Kayla Compton) are also on the cusp of coming into their own as superheroes, though it’s unclear where their stories are headed. Allegra will likely become more involved with investigations at The Citizen, but that’s about all we can deduce for now.

What are your expectations for The Flash season 7? Let us know in the comments.

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