You season 2 is the most popular series on Netflix right now

YOU season 2 on Netflix - Credit: Beth Dubber
YOU season 2 on Netflix - Credit: Beth Dubber /

TV Time’s Binge Report is in and names You season 2 the most binge-watched series on Netflix. And is anyone truly surprised?

All eyes are on Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) when he’s the latest star to take over Netflix. You season 2 premiered just after Christmas and it has been all subscribers have been watching. It’s fair to say other original shows on the streaming giant are getting some attention, as well. But there’s no question You tops them all by a significant percentage. Take a look!

The second season of You may have premiered in 2019, but the popularity of the series has unsurprisingly spilled over to the new year. The former Lifetime thriller now belongs to Netflix, and the streaming service has made several changes in the second season. It’s bolder, more dramatic (who doesn’t love drama?), and bloodier than the first.

If you read the books based on the series, you likely noticed several drastic changes, too! Needless to say, You season 2 leaves us shocked and wanting more by the time the season ends. A third season is all but official, and we can’t wait to get some much-needed answers.

You lands at No. 1 with an 11.37 binge percentage over at TV Time’s Binge Report. This is the show’s second week at No. 1, and with such a high percentage, we bet it’ll find itself on top again next week.

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Other Netflix shows on the Binge Report include The Witcher at No. 2 with 3.84% binge sessions, Lost in Space at No. 4 with 1.79%, and Spinning Out at No. 5 with 1.72% binge sessions. It’s also worth noting that Lucifer continues to hang on to the top 10 countdown.

Last week, Lucifer found itself leaving the top five at No. 6, but it has slipped further down at No. 9 with 1.09% binge sessions. Will it leave the countdown soon? Will You continue to rule all of January? We’ll have to check back next week!

You season 1 and season 2 are both streaming on Netflix.

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