5 good movies to watch on Hulu on New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is the start of 2020 and what better way to bring it in then watching great movies with your family. Here are 5 great family movies streaming on Hulu New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Day is here! The hectic holidays have finally passed, and it’s time now to relax with the family and watch some great movies on Hulu.

The streaming network has many wonderful movies to choose from which can make it difficult deciding what to watch. If you need something to watch with the family this New Year’s Day, check out one of these movies!

5. The Pink Panther 2

In The Pink Panther 2, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) returns in this hilarious sequel when the famous Pink Diamond, known as the Pink Panther, is stolen once again. The infamous thief, “The Tornado,” has once again returned to stealing artifacts from around the world. Now Clouseau must team up with a group of international detectives to not only foil The Tornado’s future robberies but also recover the Pink Panther.

Unfortunately, the other detectives are as bumbling as our hero, and what follows is 92 minutes of side-splitting comedy that will have you and your family rolling with laughter.

The Pink Panther, the first filmis not streaming on Hulu.

4. Legends of the Hidden Temple

Siblings Sadie, Noah, and Dudley are with their parents on vacation at a jungle resort with the usual cheesy looking artifacts, along with a real-life looking temple that Noah is sure is real, but his family assures him that its fake. The tour guide, Kirk Fogg, gives Noah a map to the hidden temple, and Noah and his two siblings decide to investigate.

Unfortunately, they get trapped inside the temple and the only way they will be able to escape is finding the two halves of a pendant. Will our daring trio find the missing halves and escape safely? You’ll see when you watch this movie on New Year’s Day.

3. Open Season

In the film, Boog, a tame grizzly bear, lives happily in Beth’s garage until a wise-cracking mule deer named Elliot “rescues” him. The rescue attempt goes horribly wrong, and now Beth thinks Boog is reverting back to his wild side. The warden wants Boog released back into the wild just when “Open Season” for hunting starts.

Back in the wild, a mullet-sporting hunter named Shaw is hunting Boog who has no idea how to survive outside the garage. Can Boog learn how to survive as a wild Grizzly before Shaw kills him?

2. Booksmart 

Best friends Amy and Molly concentrated on their academic studies all through high school. Forgoing the usual teenage parties and get-togethers, but now on the eve of their graduation, the two friends think maybe they might have missed out. They decide to try and cram four-years of life into one chaotic fun-filled evening.

What follows is a night of adventures that even these smart young ladies couldn’t have predicted. Will they get their wish and make up for all the lost time or will it prove to be another wasted night?

Booksmart is one of the best movies of 2019. If you haven’t seen it, check it out on Hulu now!

1. Missing Link

In the animated film, Mr. Link is a Bigfoot living in the Pacific Northwest who has grown tired of living alone. He wants to go to Shangri-La and find his long-lost relatives, the Yeti. Enlisting the aid of courageous explorer Sir Lionel Frost to guide him and with the help of adventurer Adelina Fortnight, Mr. Link begins his journey to find his missing family.

The trio encounters numerous challenges making the journey daunting and the completion of the trip unpredictable. Will Mr. Link make it home and will he find his missing family? You’ll have to watch to find out!

What are you watching on Hulu New Year’s Day? let us know in the comments section below!

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