5 good movies to watch on Hulu for New Year’s Eve

A list of five good movies to watch on Hulu on New Year’s Eve 2019 with the whole family, including Shrek and more!

Many families spend New Year’s Eve watching the crystal ball drop at Time’s Square in New York City. It’s also the perfect time to watch movies while waiting for midnight to arrive.

Hulu has a ton of great family movies. To help you and the family find something to watch, we put together a list of the 5 best for you and your family.

Let’s get the list started with Shrek! 

5. Shrek

In this hilarious animated fairytale story, a bad-tempered, anti-social green Ogre named Shrek (Michael Myers) lives alone in an isolated swamp until Lord Farquaad banished all of the fairytale creatures from his kingdom and they move to Shrek’s swamp. Much to the Ogre’s dismay, he also inherits a wisecracking donkey (Eddie Murphy).

Realizing nobody is going to leave, Donkey and Shrek travel to Lord Farquaad’s kingdom to intimidate him in taking back all the fairytale creatures. Instead, Lord Farquaad makes him a deal. Rescue the fair Princess Fiona from a dragon’s clutches, and he will take back the fairytale creatures. Will Shrek rescue fair Fiona and will the evil Lord Farquaad keep his word?

4. How to train your Dragon: The Hidden World 

If you have seen the other How to Train your Dragon movies, then you know your whole family is in for a treat. This is the third movie in the series, and it finds Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) as the leader of the Viking village, Berk. Everything is going swimmingly with humans and dragons finally friends and peace reigns until Grimmel the Grisley shows up.

Grimmel is a ruthless Dragonslayer who uses a White Night Fury to lure Toothless, Hiccup’s Night Fury, away. He also challenges Hiccup’s abilities as a leader and everything Hiccup worked hard to achieve begins to fall apart. His only chance at survival is to find the Dragon utopia known as “the Hidden World.” Can Hiccup keep his kingdom together and find the Dragon utopia?

3. The Spy Next Door

Martial artist Jackie Chan portrays undercover CIA agent Bob Ho. Bob wants to marry his girlfriend Gillian, but first, he has to gain her three children’s approval. No problem, right? Wrong.

Gillian’s children don’t like him, which is why, when Gillian is called out of town, Bob volunteers to watch them. Bob is hoping that the quality time will improve things between him and Gillian’s children.

Unfortunately, the precocious children stumble upon a classified Russian file, which they download. Now, the Russians are after Bob and the children he promised to watch. Will he prevent the Russians from getting the children, and will they like him once everything is back to normal?

2. MouseHunt

Two brothers inherit a rundown old house along with a string factory from their father, Rudolf Smuntz. Ernie (Nathan Lane) and Lars (Lee Evans) promised their father they would never sell the string factory, but there is no money to keep it. They discover that the house was built by a famous architect, and restoring the house could bring them a great deal of money.

There’s one problem. A mouse has other ideas and drives the brothers nearly insane with its ability to cause havoc and destruction to them and their house. What ensues is a comical battle between brothers and mouse, and it’s anybody’s guess as to who will win.

1. New Year, New You

In this movie, It’s New Year’s Eve, and adult friends from high school throw a party to reconnect and reminisce about the years. As they sift through their memories, old feuds and secrets begin to pop up.

What was a gathering to renew friendships becomes a fight for survival as old wounds and hatred manifest into violent revenge and interesting paybacks. Will they remain friends after releasing their darker emotions?

Happy New Year!