You season 2: Comedian Chris D’Elia takes over episode 3

The third episode of You season 2 features a familiar face. Comedian Chris D’Elia appears to add some laughs (and crazy chills) in episode 3, “What Are Friends For?”

If you are familiar with the world of comedy, particularly stand-up comedy, you know about Chris D’Elia. Even if you aren’t, D’Elia has had several breakout roles on television, some of these include starring as Kenny on ABC’s The Good Doctor and Danny on NBC’s Undateable. Needless to say, this isn’t the first time the comedian stretches his acting chops, You season 2 is only his latest project to become involved in.

In the popular Netflix series, D’Elia takes on the role of Henderson, a stand-up comedian and actor with a dark secret. Spoilers ahead if you have not watched up to episode 3 of You season 2!

Audiences pick up on the hint that Henderson is not a nice dude. Not as kind as he allows himself to appear. He is hiding something, and Joe’s neighbor and apartment manager Delilah is on to him. She confides in Joe that she was hanging out with Henderson and his crew when she blacked out.

Delilah remembers nothing, only waking up with her skirt pulled up. Major red flag! Ever since, she avoids Henderson and is determined to find some dirt on him, even though no one will listen to her. This is clearly raising the “Believe Women” movement.

Joe is also great at following his gut feeling, and he knows Henderson is likely a pervert. Later, he learns from Forty that Henderson definitely has a “secret room.” What is he going to do with all of this information?

Spoiler alert for book readers: In the novel, Hidden Bodies, which You season 2 is loosely on, Henderson has a smaller role. You is going to take advantage of having D’Elia on board and expand his role, so do expect to see a lot more of him in the coming couple of episodes.

How will Henderson’s story conclude? Surely, Joe won’t allow Henderson to continue getting away with being a creep. You’ll have to tune in to find out! But share your theories with us, in the comments!

You season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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