Evan Roderick talks going from Arrow to Spinning Out

Photo: Evan Roderick.. Image Courtesy Carly Dame.
Photo: Evan Roderick.. Image Courtesy Carly Dame. /

Arrow fans will know Evan Roderick as Nick, Curtis’ boyfriend. Now he’s heading to a new Netflix series called Spinning Out. Here’s what he shares.

Evan Roderick stole the hearts of Arrow fans as Nick, Curtis’ boyfriend. Now he’s ready to do it all over again with the Netflix series, Spinning Out. He spoke to Netflix Life about the upcoming ice skating series, including why this had to be his next project.

Of course, we talked about Arrow and the role he played to bring more diversity to the screen. Take a look at everything he shared about the past and present.

Netflix Life: What was it about Spinning Out/the role of Justin that pulled you into the project?

Evan Roderick: When I read the scripts, I was amazed at how layered all of the characters were.  After reading each episode, I was that much more invested in the story and really just wanted to know where they’d all end up. I also felt a kinship with Justin, like I understood him on some level. That definitely drew me to Spinning Out.

NL: Can you share a little about Justin and his role in Spinning Out?

ER: Justin is an extremely talented pairs figure skater. He’s an Olympic hopeful.  His downside is that he’s a bit of a party guy with a penchant for having too much fun. However, I think he’s misunderstood and there’s more to him than his boisterous, carefree attitude.

Photo: Evan Roderick.. Image Courtesy Carly Dame.
Photo: Evan Roderick.. Image Courtesy Carly Dame. /

NL: Did you already know how to ice skate/have to learn it for the role?

ER: Well I played hockey for a long time so I’ve spent many hours on the ice, but figure skating is COMPLETELY different, I basically had to learn to skate all over again. The balance of the blades was very hard to get used to, not to mention there’s a toe pick on figure skates…Took me a few face plants to figure that one out.

NL: What can’t you wait for people to see in Spinning Out (without spoilers, of course)?

ER: I’m super excited for fans to see how all the skating sequences were shot. It was all done so beautifully and really makes you feel like you’re on the ice.

NL: Arrow fans will know you best as Nick, Curtis’ boyfriend. What was it like coming into the series with such a passionate fanbase in a role that helped to bring more LGBTQ support to the screen?

ER: It’s great. I’m glad we’re beginning to see more diversity in these stories!

NL: With Arrow coming to an end, what were your favorite memories on the show?

ER: There were so many amazing action sequences on Arrow. Explosions, drug raids, just total organized chaos. I think those were my favorite memories, but it was all very fun.

NL: If you could do any role, what would that dream role be?

ER: Well I love to sing and play music, so I suppose I’d like to play a musician. That, or a cowboy…they’re both on my list haha.

What are you excited to see in Spinning Out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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