Netflix appears to be planning sequels for 6 Underground

Would you watch a sequel to Netflix’s 6 Underground? It seems like the streaming network has big plans for the Ryan Reynolds-led original movie.

It sure feels like Netflix has a bigger plan in place for 6 Underground.

The Netflix original film starring Ryan Reynolds and Mélanie Laurent and directed by Michael Bay premiered on the streaming service on Friday, Dec. 13. After watching the film, it seems clear that the foundation for multiple sequels has been built.

Netflix has not confirmed the sequel yet. We anticipate it will probably be a while, a few months or so, until they do.

Everything was set up perfectly for a 6 Underground sequel at Netflix. In terms of story, there’s a lot more that could be explored within this world. At times, it even seemed like 6 Underground was building the foundation for a possible franchise, meaning more than one sequel. We got to explore the background of each character in decent detail.

Most importantly, we only had the opportunity to see this crew on their first real mission. There were, I believe, nine other missions that the group could take. I think that was definitely a nod to the possibility of more stories featuring this cast and group of characters.

The story is definitely there, and I’m sure most, if not all, parties involved would be interested in taking another big paycheck from Netflix to make this possible. So, if they are on board, the story is there, what’s left?

Well, that, of course, is up to the viewers. If 6 Underground is watched by millions of people all over the world, and based on the buzz surrounding the film so far, I’m expecting Netflix will announce the movie will be one of the biggest Netflix original movies of all time.

If that happens, Netflix will most definitely order another film set in this world. That’s just how the streaming network does business. Almost all of the big, original Netflix movies have sequels in the works, including Bright, The Kissing Booth, Bird Box, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and more.

I’m fully expecting a 6 Underground sequel. If Netflix orders the sequel, we can expect the film to be released in 2021 or 2022, assuming the actor’s availability does not cause further delays.

And, there’s potential here for a new cast for future films. We saw how quickly and easily Dave Franco’s character, “6,” was replaced when he died. Reynolds’ character could add new members to the group over time.

Overall, Netflix is in a good place with a possible franchise for 6 Underground. The movie isn’t wowing critics by any means, but that was never the plan anyway. Netflix simply wanted to make the most Michael Bay movie ever, and they accomplished that goal. Regardless of the many flaws, millions of people will find the film not only tolerable but even enjoyable. Don’t believe me? It already has a 66 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I know that’s not the most reliable metric, but it does show there is a market for content like this, and that’s what Netflix seems to care about.

We’ll let you know about the future of the 6 Underground sequels at Netflix! Would you watch another movie set in this world? Let us know in the comments!