Christmas 2019: Where to stream How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch stole Christmas showcases Jim Carrey’s comedic abilities in this live-action version of the popular animated movie. Here’s where you can watch the movie this holiday season.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without How the Grinch stole Christmas. The animated movie adapted from Seuss’ children’s book by the same name was released in 1966.

In 2000, Ron Howard a live-action version of the story with Jim Carrey starring as the Grinch.

You can watch this fantastic live-action remake on Netflix where the entire family can be entertained by the loveable citizens of a fictional town called Whoville.

Whoville embraces  Christmas wholeheartedly. They love to decorate their houses with outdoor lights and they love to decorate the inside of their houses as well. Whoville even has a huge decorated tree in the center of their town and they host baking contests.

Everyone in Whoville loves Christmas except for the Grinch. The green, furry curmudgeon loathes anything happy and cheerful. He especially detests Christmas, so he isn’t exactly thrilled when the darling Cindy Lou Who sweet-talks the Grinch into rediscovering his Christmas spirit.

At first, it seems Cindy Lou might be successful when the Grinch does join the town for their merrymaking. Everyone seems excited with his presence and he happily joins in on the festivities as a judge for the baking contests. Much to his surprise and delight Martha May Whovier (Christine Baranski) has a secret crush on him.

The Grinch wonders why he ever hated Christmas until Mayor Augustus Maywho (Jeffrey Tambor) publicly humiliates him in front of the entire town. It seems the mayor has his own designs on Martha May and he doesn’t want the Grinch anywhere near her.

What follows is the Grinch’s hysterical plan to get even with Whoville. Along with his very reluctant dog Max, the Grinch plans to steal Whoville’s Christmas. Will the Grinch succeed in stealing Christmas? Or, will sweet Cindy Lou save the day once more?

Will you be watching How the Grinch stole Christmas?