FanSided 250: Lucifer among TV fandoms snubbed

Lucifer, the Netflix original series starring Tom Ellis, was not included in the FanSided 250, a ranking of the top pop culture fandoms.

FanSided just released the 2019 FanSided 250, a ranking of the most popular and hottest fandoms of the year across movies, TV, entertainment, sports and pop culture. Lucifer, unfortunately, was left off the list.

For the most part, FanSided nailed the list of TV shows included in the ranking of the top 250 fandoms across pop culture. Game of Thrones was definitely no. 1 among TV shows, while Stranger Things was no. 2.

I would have had Lucifer somewhere in the top 15 TV fandoms. Several other Netflix shows, including The Crown, Queer Eye, BoJack Horseman, The OA, and Orange is the New Black, also made the ranking.

We all know how passionate Lucifer fans are. The show was canceled at FOX after three seasons, but that wasn’t due to low ratings. The show consistently performed over the course of those three seasons.

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Because of the outpouring of support for the show from fans, Netflix stepped in and saved the series. The streaming network, now, has given Lucifer two more seasons than fans would have gotten. Lucifer season 5 is the final season of the hit series. And, those extra seasons were made possible by the fan support.

Lucifer season 4 premiered on Netflix in May 2019, and the show set a TV Time record for most weeks on top of the list of the most popular streaming series. If not for Stranger Things 3, which premiered on July 4, 2019, Lucifer might have ran throughout the summer as the top show in streaming.

Recently, Lucifer jumped back into the top 10 of TV Time’s Binge Report, which means fans of the show are still watching the series months after the release of season 4.

Season 5 is currently being filmed right now. The final season of the Netflix original series will be split into two parts. Each part will consist of eight episodes.

We’ll let you know more about Lucifer season 5 as we find out!

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