Netflix’s new reality show is like Big Brother meets Black Mirror meets the Peleton ad

Netflix’s new reality show The Circle is a mix of social media, Big Brother, Black Mirror and that wacky Peloton commercial. Watch the trailer for the new Netflix original series.

Netflix just dropped the trailer for The Circle, a new Netflix original reality show coming to the streaming service on New Year’s Day (Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020). Many who have seen the trailer are confused about what actually happens, and others are horrified about the look of this show.

I fall into both categories. I have seen the trailer three times and do not understand the premise at all. According to a report from People, this series is based on a UK series of the same name. The contestants all live in the same apartment building in different apartments, and they only interact with each other through a social media app.

They’re playing for $100K. It’s unclear, still, how one wins the game, but it appears that the contestants rank the others by popularity. The least popular contestants, at different points, will be eliminated, according to the report.

Although the idea sounds like something Charlie Kelly came up with to trick the Waitress, it makes a little more sense when explained.

The premise definitely doesn’t come across in the trailer, which you can see below. Instead, it looks like an episode of Big Brother played out inside a Black Mirror episode. And, as with the wife in the Peleton commercial, it’s not entirely clear that these contestants are willing participants. It doesn’t appear that they can talk to anyone in person, and it’s also unclear if they ever get to leave their apartments.

I have many questions that I have no choice to tune in and watch the episode on Jan. 1. Check out the trailer below!

Episodes of the series will be released on Netflix over a three-week span.

I’m not entirely convinced this show isn’t just an episode of Black Mirror. Netflix usually releases something Black Mirror-related around Christmas. Last year, we got to see Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Maybe this is what Netflix has planned for us?

Watch The Circle when it hits Netflix on Wednesday, Jan. 1!

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