Fuller House season 4 DVD review: What to expect from the boxset

Fuller House - Credit: Greg Gayne
Fuller House - Credit: Greg Gayne /

Fuller House season 4 will be on DVD later this month. Here’s a look at what you can expect and why it’s worth buying the boxset.

Right now, you’ll be stuck into Fuller House season 5. The first half of the final season is here, and it’s full of many of the same laughs. Although you can certainly tell the show is starting to wrap up its storylines. While you wait for the second half of the season, there’s some excellent news.

Season 4 is coming to DVD later this month. Our friends at Warner Bros. sent us a review copy of the DVD to let you know what to expect, and why this DVD copy is certainly worth buying.

What to expect on Fuller House season 4’s DVD boxset

The set contains two discs, covering the entire 13-episode season. You’ll get to relive the Tanners, Fullers, and Gibblers, as they go through their various life-changing moments. Of course, the fourth season had a lot of focus on Jimmy and Stephanie’s life change, as Kimmy carried their baby to allow them to start their family. Throughout the season, Stephanie questioned whether she’d be a good mom, and we’ve seen in season 5, part 1 what she’s been like.

Meanwhile, D.J. faces pressures in her relationship with Steve, as they try to recreate the magic they had when they were younger, Kimmy deals with the pregnancy cravings, Jackson learns how to drive, and Danny wonders if if was right to retire. And there were plenty of hints of a proposal coming up. We thought it would be Fernando’s re-proposal, but it turned out to be Steve proposing to D.J.

Now you get to relive it all through the DVD. The episodes are spread out as follows:

Disc 1

  • Chapter 1: Oh My Santa
  • Chapter 2: Big Night
  • Chapter 3: A Sense of Purpose
  • Chapter 4: Chosted
  • Chapter 5: No Escape
  • Chapter 6: Angels’ Night Out
  • Chapter 7: President Fuller

Disc 2

  • Chapter 8: Driving Mr. Jackson
  • Chapter 9: Perfect Sons
  • Chapter 10: Golden-Toe Fuller
  • Chapter 11: It’s Always Open
  • Chapter 12: The Prom
  • Chapter 13: Opening Night

Sadly, there are no bonus features. This has become standard with DVD releases of Netflix shows. After all, Netflix wants to give you a reason to continue streaming through the site!

As well as owning Fuller House season 4 on DVD, you can also get it on Digital. Both are released on Dec. 17.

Why get the DVD boxset?

One of the biggest reasons for getting shows on DVD is to get the bonus features. If Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season doesn’t come with bonus features, what’s the point in owning it?

Well, how about the fact that you don’t need your Netflix subscription to keep watching? If this is the sole reason you have Netflix, getting the DVD will work out cheaper. You can already own the first three seasons on DVD. The fifth season is more than likely to be released!

It’s the perfect series to binge-watch time and time again. You may know the stories, but the laughs never get old. And you can add it to your Full House collection so you have the past and present together.

Fuller House: The Complete Fourth Season will be on DVD and Digital on Dec. 17, 2019. Pre-order on Amazon or another favorite store right now.

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