Christmas 2019: Where to stream Scrooged

Scrooged starring Bill Murray is an old tale with a modern twist. Here’s where you can watch this zany Christmas movie this holiday season.

Scrooged starring Bill Murray is a great movie to watch during the holiday season. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the film is available on any subscription streaming services this time of year, but you can buy or rent the film on YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

There have been many remakes of A Christmas Carol, but none of those movies are quite like Scrooged. Directed by Richard Donner and released in 1988, this story takes place in modern New York City instead of Victorian London. If you haven’t seen Scrooged, this is a must-watch movie as it is a refreshing remake on a wonderful classic.

In the film, Frank Cross (Murray), like Scrooge, has lost his Christmas spirit and is only interested in making money. In the process, he has driven away the love of his life Claire Phillip,  played by Karen Allen, and alienated his brother, James Cross.

On Christmas Eve, Cross’s TV network is planning a huge live Christmas extravaganza, and in the ensuing chaos of production, Cross terminates a staff member who dared argue with him, rdered a prop man to staple antlers on a tiny mouse and ordered his assistant’s young son off the set under threat of arrest.

Cross is, then, visited by the spirit of his former boss, Lew Hayward (John Forsythe), who tells him that it’s not too late for him to change his ways. Cross will be visited by the three ghosts of Christmas. Of course, Cross thinks it’s from the stress of putting together the show.

What happens is a fast-paced comedy as he tries to understand what is happening to him while putting on the live show for his network. Murray’s trademark is his hilarious fun-to-see comical expressions that speak volumes.

Scrooged is a great movie that isn’t shown enough, but with Christmas, right around the corner, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Scrooged available to stream. Meanwhile, Netflix has plenty of Christmas movies to watch and enjoy as well.

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