Grace and Frankie season 6: Release date and what happens next

When is Grace and Frankie season 6 coming to Netflix? We share the release month and what’s going to happen next in the hit Netflix original series.

Grace and Frankie season 5 premiered on Netflix in January 2019, and since then, fans have been hoping to find out more information about the hit Netflix comedy.

Well, we have good news! Grace and Frankie season 6 is coming to Netflix very soon!

Below, we shared everything we know about Grace and Frankie season 6 so far!

Release Date 

UPDATE: Grace and Frankie season 6 is coming to Netflix on Jan. 15, 2020

Netflix announced the release month for Grace and Frankie season 6 back in September 2019, and fans won’t have long to wait until the new season is released.

Grace and Frankie season 6 premieres on Netflix in January 2020. At the time of publishing, we’re about one month away from the release date on the streaming service. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not announced the day the new season will be available yet, but we have a pretty good idea when to expect the new season.

In the past, new seasons of the series have been added to Netflix around mid-January. If we were to make a guess, we’d pick Friday, Jan. 17, and Friday, Jan. 24, as the possible release dates for Grace and Frankie season 6.

We’ll let you know the official release date when we find out!

What Happens Next 

Grace and Frankie season 6 will likely see a big change from the most recent seasons. After Grace married Nick at the end of season 5, it appears there might be a trio living together in the new season.

How will that work for Grace and Frankie who have seemed to have such a good partnership so far?

Adding Nick to the family unit will likely cause problems for both of them, and I expect they will cause problems for him, as well. It will be really interesting to see how this relationship is navigated and how it works out.

Will Grace and Nick be able to stay together? We’ll find out over the next couple of seasons.

Most of the season revolved around Grace and Frankie’s drama with each other. That will likely be a recurring theme throughout the next two seasons of the show. It will be interesting to see how that storyline will evolve.

I also think there’s potential for more Robert and Sol drama in the new season. They haven’t fully worked through their issues as much as Grace and Frankie had by the end of the season. Look for their general unhappiness with each other to carry into the new episodes.

Grace and Frankie season 6 will not be the final season of the series. Netflix has already renewed the hit series for a seventh season, which will premiere on the streaming service in 2021. It will, unfortunately, be the final season of the series.

When Grace and Frankie’s run on Netflix ends, it will be the longest-running Netflix comedy series so far. It sounds like the final season will also be 16 episodes, so there are still 29 more episodes of the hit series on the way to Netflix!

Stay tuned for the official release date for season 6!

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