Christmas 2019: Where to stream Die Hard

Die Hard is a very popular movie to watch during the holidays. Here’s where you can watch the Christmas movie starring Bruce Willis.

There is no doubt that Die Hard is a great movie to watch at any time of the year, especially during the holidays. There has been a major debate about whether or not Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie. I definitely think it does.

Plus, I always watch it during the holidays myself, because my sons choose Die Hard as their choice for a Christmas movie.

Unfortunately, Die Hard is not available to stream on Netflix for the holiday season. It doesn’t look like the film is available on any subscription streaming services this time of year, but you can buy or rent the film on Crackle, YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

If you haven’t seen Die Hard, you better watch the movie this Christmas! The movie takes place at the Nakatomi plaza where the company Christmas party is being held. Our hero, New York policeman John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, travels to California to be with his family for the Christmas holiday. That’s further proof it’s a Christmas movie.

McClane, our reluctant hero, is an unexpectant guest to his wife’s company party, and a group of Terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) take over the company party and hold hostages.

Gruber has taken control of the entire Nakatomi plaza and locked it down, so the police can’t get in. Gruber tells the police negotiator that he will release his prisoners when they release their political prisoners being detained around the world. This allows the terrorists time to empty the company’s safe of the millions of dollars and escape.

McClane has other plans for the terrorists, and the ensuing 181 minutes are filled with McClane doing his very best to put a damper on the bad terrorist’s plans.

Die Hard is extremely popular around the holidays, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie was added to a streaming service after the holidays. Meanwhile, Netflix has plenty of great Christmas movies to watch and enjoy!

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