Will X-Men: New Mutants make its debut on Disney Plus in 2020?

While 20th Century Fox’s New Mutants has seemingly been shelved for the foreseeable future, the unreleased movie could make its debut as a Disney Plus original movie in 2020.

The Disney Plus catalog lacks any of the live-action X-Men movies from the 2000s. There are several animated series to binge through, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find any of the films that made millions of moviegoers fall in love with the superhero franchise.

This fact alone may give subscribers the impression that Disney won’t be adding X-Men movies to its’ streaming service, including the unreleased New Mutants movie. However, recent reports of them being added in Australia suggests there is hope yet.

What’s so exciting about X-Men movies coming to Disney Plus is there’s room for New Mutants to join them. Nothing has been said about the shelved film for some time, and the official release date keeps getting pushed back.

This tells us there are issues to be resolved behind the scenes. Fox/Disney could be working out a schedule to release the movie, though odds are New Mutants has landed in the “Movies That Were Made But Never Released” column of films.

On the other hand, Disney’s recently launched streaming service could serve as the ideal platform to premiere New Mutants on. Disney Plus currently has a few original titles like The Mandalorian available, as well as several Marvel shows in development, but there isn’t a huge catalog to speak of. Because of that, adding New Mutants should be a no-brainer for Disney.

Having an X-Men movie premiere on a streaming service is also an unprecedented move. It’s never been done before because the costs of financing a movie can only be returned through a cinematic release. But in New Mutants’ case, that’s the only way Fox/Disney will see any sort of return on their initial investment. Neither entity will make as much on a streaming release as they would on a cinematic one, but Disney doesn’t really have much choice at this point.

There is one other option that should be taken under consideration: A premium subscription to Disney Plus, one that grants viewers access to recently released titles.

Disney’s exclusive streaming service currently only has a basic plan with a flat-rate attached, but if they started adding new movies like New Mutants, it would justify the creation of a premium subscription which rivals the current one. Of course, this is all conjecture until Disney’s top executives make another announcement about the aforementioned film.

Would you pay to watch New Mutants on Disney Plus? Let us know in the comments.

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