Disney Plus: When will the X-Men movies be available to stream?

Over the past weekend, word of Fox’s X-Men movies being added to Disney Plus began to circulate online. When will the X-Men movies be on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus’ recent launch gave fans of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars everything they were looking for. Tons of other worthwhile movies and television shows comprise the remainder of Disney’s catalog but one subcategory is slightly barren, X-Men.

While Disney+ does have the classic X-Men cartoon from the 90s on tap, there is a lack of movies available to watch. This comes as somewhat of a surprise considering Disney recently merged with Fox, gaining access to a majority of the company’s assets, including the X-Men movies from recent years. Luckily, it appears the live-action films from the 2000s are going to hit Disney’s exclusive streaming service in a few months.

According to What’s On Disney Plus, an Australian website has posted a list of several titles coming to Disney Plus on December 20. The list includes every movie up to 2016, with the exception of Deadpool. There’s still no word on when Deadpool, Deadpool 2, Logan, or X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be added. That could be in the near future or further down the line, but the lack of mature content on Disney Plus gives us the impression that it won’t be for a while.

Further evidence can be found in Disney’s lack of promotions for Family Guy. The media giant is heavily promoting its acquisition of The Simpsons with all sorts of tie-ins, but we haven’t heard about Family Guy, an equally popular and edgy Fox series.

There are separate streaming and licensing rights that need to be taken under consideration, but the fact that Disney hasn’t bothered to claim ownership of the animated series, suggests they don’t plan to because of its mature subject matter.

What’s funny is the Family Guy cast has openly joked about Disney being in charge of payroll following the merger, specifically in a BTS episode where the Griffin family provided commentary on an episode of their own show. This one-time event provided Family Guy with an opportunity to break the fourth wall and gave Disney a shout out all at once.

The important thing to take away from that initial report is the X-Men may be arriving in North America soon after. What’s On Disney Plus reported on an Australian listing, but if the X-Men movies begin streaming overseas, it’s only a matter of time before they hit the states. Just remember to take this news with a grain of salt since Disney has yet to confirm these additions.

Do you want Disney to add Fox’s X-Men films to their streaming service? Let us know in the comments.

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