Netflix is making a new documentary series about haunted locations

Netflix is making a new hair-raising documentary series about America’s most frightening locations, including terrifying haunted houses and more.

If you like scary documentaries, Netflix has a new show in the works that you need to watch. Variety reports Netflix’s untitled series will feature as a “gritty and meticulous study'” of some of America’s most terrifyingly haunted locations.

There is no shortage of haunted locations in America, and many have been researched by paranormal investigators already. It will be interesting to see if Netflix revisits locations previously investigated to provide a new look at the information or if they will be visiting locations not yet investigated.

Either way, the series will be successful in the very capable hands of Ron Howard and Ben Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment. According to Variety, the documentary unit of Imagine Entertainment was first established in September 2018.  And in just a little, over a year this dynamic duo has steadily added 20 documentary features and TV series projects.

I love these kind of shows, and I look forward to Netflix’s new series to see how they will investigate these haunted sites.

Sites like the infamous Amityville house in Amityville, New York, would make a great location for the show. The house was the site of a murder. In 1974, Ronald Defeo, Jr., killed his parents and four of his siblings while they slept. In 1976, George and Kathy Lutz purchased the house, but they moved out in just 28 days because they thought the house was haunted.

Paranormal investigators over the years have investigated the notorious house with mixed reviews. Some have said it is truly haunted, while others say it is a hoax. It would be interesting to see what these investigators had to say about it.

Another location that has had mixed results is Bobby Mackey’s Music World. Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a popular nightclub located in Wilder, Kentucky, but is better known for its haunted history. It has been investigated numerous times with reports of a portal to hell located in the basement. A former caretaker reported that he had been possessed by evil spirits and had to have them exorcised in the club by a minister.

There have been numerous reports by paranormal investigators, including Zak Bagans of the Ghost Adventures fame, who states there is demonic activity at this site. It would be interesting to see what Netflix’s results would be after they investigated the nightclub.

Whether Netflix decides to revisit previously investigated locations or investigate new eerie locations, I can’t wait to watch this series. So far, there is very little information about the title or when it will stream, but we will let you know that information as soon as it is announced.

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