YOU season 2 first look: Is it Love at first sight for Joe?

You - Photo Credit: Netflix
You - Photo Credit: Netflix /

Joe has moved from New York to Los Angeles in YOU season 2. In new first-look images, we get to see what’s in store for the stalker as he finds Love.

The first look at YOU season 2 is here. We get to see what’s in store for Joe and the (un)lucky women he comes across. Most importantly, he finds Love, but is it love at first sight?

After the shocking twists and turns in the first season, YOU fans are certainly worried for any woman Joe meets. The Haunting of Hill House‘s Victoria Pedretti is the one he’ll come across in the second season. She plays a woman called Love (yes, really) and becomes his latest obsession.

It looks like Joe will meet Love in a grocery store instead of a book store during the second season. Just because the beginning is different doesn’t mean the ending will be. After all, according to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix told Sera Gamble that there was no need to change things up after the streaming service prevented the show from being canceled.

This season is based on Caroline Kepnes’ second book, “Hidden Bodies,” but there are going to be some deviations. After all, it turned out that Candace was alive and well. She came back at the end of the first season, shortly after we learned the horrifying end for Beck’s story.

Candace being back in Joe’s life is going to throw him for a loop. Plus, the events of things that happened at the end of the first season will make him reevaluate a few things. Did he really see himself capable of anything more than stalking during that first season? Probably not, but it shows just how dangerous he is.

All the choices he makes with Love are going to be informed by everything that happened with Beck. And Candace? Will she help or hinder the situation? Either way, it doesn’t sound like it will be love at first sight, but Love is in Joe’s sights. Uh oh!

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YOU season 2 debuts on Netflix on Dec. 26.

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