Marvel’s Runaways: 10 things we learned in the season 3 trailer

Today, Hulu announced that Marvel’s Runaways would end after season 3. At the same time, the streaming service released a trailer for the final season. Continue reading for a breakdown.

Fans should always be cautious of trailers because they tend to mislead with finely-cut montages. The first teaser for Marvel’s Runaways season 3 is proof to that claim because the latest one delivered a drastically different look at the junior season.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

What the initial trailer showed was Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) popping up in the Runaways’ home unexpectedly. It just didn’t reveal what their purpose was. But, thanks to the later trailer, we know it has something to do with Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano).

In the new trailer, Tyrone informs Nico that her actions caused a disturbance wide enough to get their attention. Ty puts additional emphasis on the wide-ranging effect because it’s never happened before.

While we don’t exactly know what Nico is being accused of, it probably has something to do with harnessing energy from a different dimension. She briefly accessed a well of dark power in the season two finale and will again. But when she does, Morgan le Fay (Elizabeth Hurley) will presumably be released.

Check out the official season 3 trailer below!

Reasonably speaking, the feeling that Tyrone spoke of was likely Morgan being released from wherever she was previously held. It could’ve been Nico’s doing, though our money is on Morgan le Fay’s escape being the catalyst that draws Cloak and Dagger to Los Angeles.

There was a lot more to digest in the season 3 trailer so anyone interested can peruse through our highlight reel below.

Nico gets a sword to replace her staff

Towards the trailer’s end, Nico and the group walk into a room to investigate its contents. Nico picks up a sword off of a table and begins to admire it. The blade is black and reminds us somewhat of her Staff of One. Nico can then be seen wielding the sword in a separate scene.

What’s interesting is the blade could be a specific artifact from Marvel Comics’ archive. There aren’t too many clues to go off of, but in our opinion, it could be the Ebony Blade.

Gert can control Old Lace with her mind

The first two seasons of Marvel’s Runaways hinted at the deep connection shared between Old Lace and Gert Yorkes (Ariela Barer), but we never would have guessed that they’d become linked.

The recent trailer confirms how Gert can take control of her genetically-engineered pet from within its mind. She’s shown taking the reins so to speak for a brief moment, and we expect it to evolve further. The strange thing is Gert’s father appears to be working alongside her. Have they made amends with each other?

Molly is in a ritual

A brief shot of Molly (Allegra Acosta) at 35 seconds into the trailer shows her lying on the floor while several women surround her. They don’t appear to be causing her any pain, but the context of their purpose remains unknown.

What’s particularly interesting about this shot is that Molly’s eyes are glowing a strange green color. This is in contrast to the normal yellow glow which emerges when Molly uses her abilities. The change could be a sign that she’s becoming weaker or perhaps those unidentified women are trying to unlock Molly’s latent abilities, or maybe they’re corrupting the young girl.

Morgan le Fay is trying to seduce Nico, but not like that

In another brief glimpse, Morgan can be seen offering her help to Nico. She doesn’t add anything else, though it’s safe to say the evil sorceress wants something in exchange for her help. Nico will probably refuse, but if her friends’ safety is at stake, she might make the ultimate sacrifice for them. Of course, Morgan could just as easily want something other than Nico’s life.

The sorceress has a coven of witches at her disposal

Once the Morgan le Fay threat becomes prevalent in the trailer, the focus shifts to the dangers presented by her. We don’t know exactly what those are, but the coven of witches performing a spell with Morgan gives us the impression that it’s not good.

In the small look, lightning is showering down over them as their hands are raised in the air. Morgan is at the center of them, chanting some incantation. This is presumably the completion of a spell. The question is: What has she done?

Nico lies with the coven

At one point in the trailer, Nico is seen lying alongside Morgan’s group of witches. They all seem to be slumbering in a communal area while Nico is directly in the middle. There’s not a lot of information to go off of, of course, this brief glimpse hints at Nico succumbing to her temptations.

The Wilders will be released from prison

Even though one shot of Catherine Wilder (Angel Parker) places her in a prison setting, another of Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) suggests they’ll be freed at some point. Said development is a surprising one since Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) put both his parents in jail. Does this mean he got them off the hook after all?

Karolina reviving Chase Stein

In a rather vague scene, Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner) is using her energy directly on Chase (Gregg Sulkin). She’s not attacking him with her luminescent powers but rather revitalizing him. Chase appears to be absorbing the energy, which raises the question of why he’d need to. The Stein boy doesn’t possess superhuman abilities so that probably means Karolina will heal him.

The reason we suspect Karolina is using her energy to revive Chase is that he was captured by the Gibborum, and they intended to consume him for his life energy. If they began the process then Karolina’s power would be needed to restore Chase.

Morgan’s coven will perform another ritual

An overhead shot of Nico depicts her lying in a circle adorned with ceremonial markings. Morgan le Fay’s witches are standing at each point around the circle, confirming our initial suspicion of the sorceress trying to manipulate Nico. Morgan appears shortly after with a knife and the intent to release Nico of her fear. Does this mean she’ll succeed in turning Sister Grimm to the dark side?

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The final season premieres on Dec. 13, 2019!

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