The Outsider: HBO shares release date and new trailer for new TV series

HBO shared the trailer and official release date of The Outsider starring Jason Bateman, John Gettier, Marc Menchaca, and Ben Mendelsohn.

The Outsider has been written and adapted by Stephen King from his novel of the same name for the new HBO TV series. HBO will premiere the TV series on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020 and has released the official trailer according to the Vulture.

HBO’s new series is based on characters from Stephen King’s 2018 novel and takes place in Flint City, Oklahoma. It follows the discovery of an 11-year-old boy’s body in the town park and the condition of the boy’s body fuels the anger of the town’s police detective Ralph Anderson (John Gettier), especially when the evidence points to a very popular little league coach Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman).

Maitland had coached the detective’s son. That fact plus being unnerved by how the boy was killed, Anderson wants Maitland.  Anderson arrests Maitland at an on-going baseball game in front of the town spectators watching the game. Because of the very public arrest, the boy’s brother shoots Maitland in front of the jail, but before he dies Anderson tried to get Maitland to confess to the murder of the boy.

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Maitland dies without confessing. In fact he tells Anderson that he is innocent and unfortunately, it looks like Maitland was telling the truth. The day the boy was killed, Maitland was with dozens of other teachers attending a conference out of town. There were plenty of witnesses that swore Maitland was with them. Anderson now faces a dilemma, because Maitland’s prints were at the conference as well as the crime scene. It is impossible for a person to be at two different places at the same time.

Yet, that is exactly what seems to be happening as Anderson gathers conflicting evidence from the crime scene. Anderson is pulled into the most complicated murder investigation he has ever been in and what he discovers challenges everything he has been taught to believe.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming The Outsider TV series.

The trailer was awesome and the TV series starts exactly the same way the novel did. I read the novel and if the series continues to follow the novel, then this is going to be a signature King roller coaster ride of a series.

The Outside is directed by Andrew Berstein and Jason Bateman and written by Stephen King and Richard Price. It stars Jason Bateman, John Gettier, Marc Menchaca, Ben Mendelsohn, Derek Cecil, Summer Fontana, Max Beesley, Dayna Beilenson and Ashley Geanett Priest.

The Outsider has a great cast and Stephen King himself is writing the adaptation from his own novel. This combination cannot help but make the series a must-watch on HBO when it streams. Stephen King has had numerous novels adapted to TV such as Castle Rock, which is a very popular TV series currently streaming on Hulu, Under the Dome and Mr. Mercedes to name a few. They were very successful for King.

King’s novels adapt very well to TV series and I’m excited about The Outsider being adapted to TV as well. I am a die-hard Stephen King fan and I cannot wait to see this new series and see how closely it follows the novel.