5 good movies to watch on Netflix this weekend: Suffragette, K-On! and more

Suffragette is now available to stream on Netflix. It’s just one of five excellent movies you need to watch on Netflix this weekend.

This weekend is going to be a great time to Netflix and chill. But with so much on, it becomes overwhelming. Let’s help you get started with five good movies to check out this weekend and Suffragette has to be one of them.

There’s a mixture for everyone, whether you want comedy, anime or a historical drama. Most of the movies are available this weekend, but there’s one that has been available for a while and will leave the service next week.

5. The Foreigner

When you want a comedy, it’s all about The Foreigner. Starring Jackie Chan, this is your standard Chan movie. If you love his others, then you’re sure to enjoy this one. Quan is just a humble businessman in London. However, when his daughter dies in politically-motivated terrorism, he goes on a mission of revenge with a British government official.

This is the movie leaving the service leaving on Nov. 17 so you’ve got today to watch it.

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4. K-On the Movie

Netflix brings both the anime series and the movie in the K-On! universe. You’ll want to check out the series first, but I just couldn’t leave the anime movie off this list. Four members of the high school light music club head to London. It’s their chance to write their farewell song.

The movie is now available on Netflix, as of Nov. 16. So is the series to watch first.

3. Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map

Jeff Dunham is back with his puppets for another stand-up comedy special. Okay, so technically, this isn’t a movie on Netflix, but it’s close enough. For those who love stand-up comedy, especially Dunham’s style, then you’re certainly going to need to check this one out. The special was taped in eight countries around the world.

Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map is now streaming as of Nov. 16.

2. The Green Inferno

Those who adore Eli Roth movies will need to check out The Green Inferno. Justine is a college student and lawyer’s daughter. When she meets Alejandro, her life changes. Alejandro is on a hunger strike for underpaid janitors, and Justine can’t help but agree to help him with his next project: saving the Amazon. However, when her plane crashes in the Peruvian jungle, she’s taken by a tribe of cannibals and she may come to regret her decision to help.

The Green Inferno is available on Netflix as of Nov. 16.

1. Suffragette

There’s no movie that could be the number one except Suffragette. It has a high-profile cast, but that’s not the power in the movie. This is one that will make you think about everything that happened in 1920s Britain to help bring equal rights to women. We still have a long way to go, but it was the suffrage of all these women that helped get us to where we are today.

Suffragette is on Netflix as of today, Nov. 16.

What are you watching on Netflix this weekend? Share in the comments below.

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