Lucifer is back on the list of the most popular shows on Netflix

LUCIFER - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
LUCIFER - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

After leaving TV Time’s Binge Report for a few weeks, Lucifer on Netflix is once again climbing the charts as one of the most popular shows.

Lucifer has such a strong and dedicated following it broke a TV Time record, becoming the most-watched series on Netflix for the most consecutive weeks of any other show.

After months on the top 10, the drama left the countdown as other shows premiered and took over. However, it’s shockingly back on the countdown! Never underestimate the power of Lucifans.

The series actually peaked at No. 10 last week, but this week, TV Time is reporting Lucifer has climbed to No. 9. Do you think it could eventually reach the top five? With so many new shows quickly on the way and Disney Plus now available, the competition is tough, so Lucifer reaching one of the top five spots is unlikely. But hey, you never know!

It appears the recent news of Lucifer season 5 being split in two parts was well-received by fans. So much so, they all rushed to re-watch some of their favorite episodes. Are you one of the many who have been binging Lucifer on Netflix again?

At No. 1 on the Binge Report we find another Netflix series, The End of the F***ing World. Another popular streaming series is Atypical, which settles for second place. Surprisingly, the only other Netflix series is Lucifer. The streaming giant used to rule TV Time’s Binge Report, can it make a comeback now that Disney Plus is here?

If you’re getting ready for more Lucifer, what are your favorite episodes to watch? Is there anything on your wishlist that you’d love for the final season to include? Share with us in the comments!

The first four seasons of Lucifer are streaming now on Netflix. The fifth season of the series is now being filmed. Stay tuned for more news about the release date of the new season!

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