Christmas 2019: Where to stream The Polar Express

Christmas is coming and The Polar Express is a must-watch for the Holiday season, but where is the film available to stream?

The Polar Express is a 2004 animated movie based on the 1985 children’s book of the same name written by Chris Van Allsburg. Van Allsburg was also one of the executive producers of the animated movie. The Polar Express was co-produced and directed by Robert Zemeckis and includes the voice of Tom Hanks as the train conductor.

Christmas is the feel-good season and we love to watch movies about Santa Claus and magic. Where our wishes do come true and anything can happen if you believe strongly that it will. The Polar Express is one of those movies that is a perfect family must-watch movie for Christmas.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan on Christmas Eve a boy doubts the existence of Santa Claus. He struggles to fall asleep after he was told by his parents that Santa won’t come with presents until he does. As he struggles with sleep, he hears a commotion outside his window and sees a train pull up. Curious he goes outside to investigate and meets the conductor who tells him that the train is the Polar Express and headed for the North Pole.

He is told that there really is a Santa Claus and the train is headed there, so he jumps aboard wanting to know the truth. The train continues on its way to the North Pole, it continues to stop and pick up other children and they really do go to the North Pole. This is when the boy’s adventures really take off and this trip challenges his every belief about Santa Claus and Christmas.

The Polar Express is a heartwarming movie that is great for all ages. I have watched this movie numerous times and will watch it a dozen more times as it is a great holiday movie to watch. Tom Hanks is also the voice for the hero of our story, the conductor, and four other characters.

Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t streaming the fabulous movie, but you can watch it on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Vudu. However, keep an eye on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO as well as the other streaming channels as they could stream The Polar Express after the holidays.

As bummed out as I am that Netflix isn’t streaming The Polar Express, there are dozens of great holidays that they will be streaming. So, plenty to choose from for you to watch this Christmas. Let us know what you will be watching in the comment section below.

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