Stranger Things x Nike Upside Down shoes are still available

Photo: Nike Heads to Hawkins for Debut Stranger Things Collection. Collection Key Art.. Courtesy NIKE, Inc
Photo: Nike Heads to Hawkins for Debut Stranger Things Collection. Collection Key Art.. Courtesy NIKE, Inc /

The Upside Down collection of the Nike x Stranger Things collaboration is still available, and the shoes make great gifts for Stranger Things fans this holiday season!

The Nike x Stranger Things shoe collection isn’t quite sold out yet! There are still a few styles remaining in various sizes, including the coolest shoe remaining, the Blazer Mid “Upside Down.”

These are awesome! And, they’re selling for a pretty reasonable price of $120 at Nike. There’s a lot more to these shoes than meets the eye. I’m definitely adding these to my Christmas list! Please, Santa, bring these to me!

The “Upside Down” collection was released about a month after the Nike x Stranger Things Hawkins High and OG collection dropped. There were six shows included in those collections, while the Upside Down collection features two. I’m a big fan of the Blazers, but these are also offered in Cortez, as well, for the same price.

There are all sorts of Stranger Things references and clues all over these shoes. The other cool part about these shoes is the Alternate Dimension, as Nike refers to it. These aren’t called “Upside Down” for no reason.

The outside material rubs off and reveals a darker layer that gives the shoe an Upside Down-type look! It’s really cool.

With the holidays coming up, these shoes are the perfect gift for any major Stranger Things fan in the family! After a great third season, we know there are a bunch of them out there!

There are also a few more Nike x Stranger Things shoes and apparel available on, including the Blazer Mid OGs and the Hawkins High Cortezs.

Some of the Hawkins High apparel on sale, as well, including shirts, sweatshirts and sweats. Those would also be good gifts for fans of the Netflix original series this holiday season, and you might as well get them while they are on sale.

Hopefully, this Nike x Stranger Things collaboration went well. The show is coming back for a fourth season, and we’re hoping for another collaboration with Nike and the hit series.

Stay tuned for more news on that front and about the new season of the Netflix original series!

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