Disney Plus to launch in the UK, Spain, Germany and more in March 2020

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Disney Plus is nearing its’ domestic launch in the United States later this month, but international fans will have to wait for a bit before the streaming service arrives overseas. Continue reading for details on when Disney Plus will be available near you.

If it wasn’t already apparent, Disney and everything related to the brand is known worldwide. The highly-touted Disney Plus streaming service has increased product recognition, though a hindrance stands in the way of international markets being reached. It’s nothing detrimental, but it’s just that fans overseas will have to wait a few months before Disney Plus is available to them.

Disney announced earlier today that their exclusive streaming service would go international on March 31, 2020. The list of countries hasn’t been fully revealed but a few were name dropped in the Facebook announcement. That list includes the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany.

Subscribers outside of those countries need not worry as the official announcement for Disney Plus’ European launch also include a caption of “and more”. This tells us is countries like China and Brazil are bound to be among those where Disney Plus will become available.

Check out the tweet from Disney Plus announcing the big news below!

All things considered, the delayed launch could either be good or bad for Disney. Because on the one hand, the media company will possess several months of data to track expectations for their European launch. At the same time, if subscriptions don’t meet Disney’s initial projections, poor reception could result in a lackluster response from international audiences.

Potential users in Asia and Europe won’t have access to traffic data but domestic news outlets will definitely be reporting on how many people are watching in the United States. And once those numbers are out, international subscribers will be able to make their decision based on the results. Of course, odds are Disney will be extremely successful with its latest venture.

Unfortunately, it looks like not all the titles will be available in each country. That’s because of previously negotiated licensing deals, most likely. Stay tuned for more news about Disney Plus’s launch in Europe and beyond!

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