Sandra Bullock to star in Netflix movie Unforgiven

Bird Box - Credit: Merrick Morton
Bird Box - Credit: Merrick Morton /

Sandra Bullock, star of Netflix’s hit film Bird Box, will be starring in a new Netflix movie, Unforgiven, an adaptation of a British TV series of the same name.

Sandra Bullock will star in another new Netflix movie! After starring in Bird Box, which was released in 2018 and was a massive hit, Bullock will star in Unforgiven. 

I’m a huge fan of Bullock and have seen all of her movies. While you were sleeping, Miss Congeniality, Speed, and Bird Box are a few of my favorites.

In all of her movies, Bullock makes her characters so believable and real that you are drawn into the movie. You cannot help but root for her character to succeed. I’ve seen The Lake House a hundred times, and I will watch it again.

As you can imagine, I was very excited when Netflix’s See What’s Next Twitter account announced on twitter that Chris McQuarrie of Mission: Impossible fame will be writing the adaptation of Unforgiven and Bullock will be starring in the film!

According to Netflix, the movie is an adaptation of the BBC televisions series of the same name.

Check out the tweet below announcing the news of Bullock’s casting!

As noted in the report, Nora Fingscheidt will be directing the movie, which tells the story of a young woman, Ruth Slater, played by Bullock, who goes to prison after committing a violent crime. She does her time, and then gets released, but her family and those close to her have yet to forgive her for said crimes. The story follows her efforts to return to society after her time away.

According to Netflix, Ruth wants to reconnect with her sister.

I don’t know what will happen, but hopefully, by the time the movie is over, progress will have been made with Ruth, her family and her friends.

Netflix has not announced the release date for the film yet. We likely won’t find out that information for a while. Right now, we’re expecting the movie to arrive in 2020 or 2021 on Netflix.

We haven’t heard anything about when production will be completed or who the rest of the cast is, but that’s not getting me down. Sandra Bullock is doing another Netflix movie, and that’s the great news!

Stay tuned for updates and news about this exciting new Netflix movie with Sandra Bullock!

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