Netflix is making The Princess Switch 2 starring Vanessa Hudgens

The Princess Switch - Credit: Production Still
The Princess Switch - Credit: Production Still /

The Princess Switch starring Vanessa Hudgens is getting a sequel at Netflix. The Princess Switch: Switched Again will premiere in 2020.

It’s official, Princess Switch fans! Netflix is making a sequel to their great romantic Christmas movie, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly.

Netflix announced the news of the sequel on Twitter to the delight of many fans of the original film. The sequel is titled The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

The Princess Switch premiered on Netflix in November 2018. It was one of the most popular Netflix movies of the holiday season, and if you’ve seen it, you know why.

The first film stars Vanessa Hudgens in two different roles. Stacy, a baker, is invited to Europe for a competition. There, she meets a royal, Margaret, who looks exactly like her, and they decide to switch places, so Stacy gets to be a royal and Margaret gets the chance to live out of the spotlight.

For the sequel, it sounds like there’s a new lookalike joining the party. Check out the synopsis for The Princess Switch: Switched Again below!

Yes, you read that correctly. Hudgens will play three characters in the new film, one more than she played in the first film. Hopefully, she’s getting paid triple for all this work! At this point, The Princess Switch franchise is well on its way to becoming Netflix’s romantic comedy version of Orphan Black, and Hudgens will be the next Tatiana Maslany.

You won’t have to wait too long to see the sequel to this film on the streaming service. EW is reporting The Princess Switch: Switched Again is coming to Netflix in 2020. While we don’t know for sure, I think it’s safe to say this new film will be released around the holidays.

Stay tuned for more news about the sequel! We’ll let you know more about the film when we find out.

The Princess Switch is available to stream on Netflix right now! Will you be watching it this holiday season?

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