25 Netflix shows that ended too soon

Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix
Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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Lucifer season 4
Lucifer season 4 – Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

4. Lucifer

Canceled after: 5 seasons

Yes, five seasons may seem like plenty. But, if you don’t know the story of Lucifer, sit back for a quick lesson! Lucifer may have five seasons (four so far, one more to come), but only two of these are from Netflix. You see, Lucifer first premiered on the Fox network before being canceled after season 3.

Knowing the series still had so much potential, Netflix swooped in and saved the handsome Devil and brought it back to life on their streaming service. Season 4 was amazing and fans couldn’t wait for more! But, unfortunately, after season four, Netflix announced that Lucifer would be returning for a fifth and final season. What’s your take on this? Do you think two seasons on Netflix is enough?

Some are thankful that Netflix at least gave Lucifer enough life for two seasons, but we all believe the series could have continued for at least one more (in addition to the one coming up). The viewership is definitely there. Lucifer has been one of the most viewed shows on. the service for months! And you can’t go on Twitter without spotting a hashtag in favor of Lucifer. 

This is one fun series to watch! If you haven’t gotten started, do so soon! We’re still expecting the final season, which will be broken up in two parts. The first part should premiere in early 2020.