25 Netflix shows that ended too soon

Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix
Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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EVERYTHING SUCKS! – Credit: Scott Patrick Green/Netflix
EVERYTHING SUCKS! – Credit: Scott Patrick Green/Netflix /

8. Everything Sucks!

Canceled after: 1 season

Netflix’s Everything Sucks! is such a gem! What a shame for it to have been canceled, and after only one season, too! Should you still watch it knowing you’ll only be getting 10 episodes? Most definitely! Like many shows on this list, Everything Sucks! is one of the best and most unique shows Netflix is missing out on having.

However, unlike most shows on this list, when Everything Sucks! was canceled, fans rioted! Petitions began, Netflix received several tweets and messages about it. The noise was so big, in fact, that the streaming giant had to respond. Their reasoning? According to a report, not enough people watched. To be more specific, Netflix shares that several watchers didn’t even finish the first episode or the series in general. Ouch!

The first episode is only 23 minutes long…is asking for a little patience too much? If you are one of the many who just couldn’t sit through Everything Sucks! you are missing out on a fun series. This comedy-drama deserved at least two more seasons.

Everything Sucks! followed students attending Boring High School in Oregon (it’s real) and focuses on the A/V club and Drama club, both packed with misfits struggling to fit in with the crowds. Luke O’Neil is at the center, along with his friend McQuaid and Tyler Bowen.

Soon enough, their lives go from boring to crazy when, at drama club, a set of events causes Luke’s crushes play to be canceled. In a way, this does bring everyone closer as they suggest the A/V and Drama clubs make a movie together. We’ll also see their personal lives outside of school.