25 Netflix shows that ended too soon

Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix
Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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13 Reasons Why season 4
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15. 13 Reasons Why

Canceled after: 4 seasons

Hear me out! I find 13 Reasons Why as problematic as the next person, but the creators finally understood this and made some changes. Is it too late for these changes? Possibly, but the main idea behind the show could have been saved to create more chapters. Perhaps, even, with a new setting and characters.

13 Reasons Why brings forward hard-hitting topics such as suicide, bullying, gun violence, immigration, and more. You name it! This is probably Netflix’s most controversial series. Still, it ran for four seasons, or it will once the fourth and final debuts in 2020. But many feel the series glamorizes suicide.

I agree that 13 Reasons Why goes about it the wrong way in the first season and understand why most parents aren’t comfortable with their teenagers watching this show. However, season 2 made enough tweaks for it to earn a third season, which is even better than the first two. Admittedly, as much as Netflix improved in presenting these topics, the story was no longer interesting by the time it reached the third season.

In fact, I’m not sure most audiences care to watch the upcoming fourth and final season, but we are already so invested that we’ll all surely tune in. It’s too bad this wasn’t made into an anthology series that was more careful about handling all the issues it tries to shine a light on. That may have been more successful and welcomed.