35 best new Netflix movies and shows to watch in November 2019

The Knight Before Christmas - Josh Whitehouse, Vanessa Hudgens - Photo Credit: Netflix / Brooke Palmer
The Knight Before Christmas - Josh Whitehouse, Vanessa Hudgens - Photo Credit: Netflix / Brooke Palmer /
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Atypical season 3 - Netflix
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3. Atypical

Season: 3

Created By: Robia Rashid

Starring: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Keir Gilchrist, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Amy Okuda, Michael Rapaport

Release Date: Friday, Nov. 1

In a Netflix landscape where fan-favorite series seem to be dropping like flies, Atypical has managed to stick around and dodge the unrelenting swing of the cancellation ax. And as the marketplace continues to favor genre-leaning series and mysteries, especially those with a franchise backing, it’s all the more pleasantly surprising that a dramedy has defied the odds. This month, the third season arrives to continue to pull in a new audience.

Atypical centers on Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), 19-year-old college student who’s on the Autism spectrum, as he embarks on the typical search for love an independence as an adult. Sam begins his first year of college and continues to face challenges of everyday life, including having to redefine what success means for him within his new world. Meanwhile, the series also follows his family as they also continue to swerve at life’s curveballs and attempt to figure out what normal is and what exactly that concept really even means.

Although Atypical hasn’t been nominated for any major awards and isn’t a huge conversation starter when its new seasons are released, the series boasts a loyal fanbase, as do most Netflix original series. The first season holds a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, while critics felt the second season built on the debut run.

Atypical’s third season will feature 10 new episodes, which join the 18 episodes of the first two. There’s still time to get into the series or sneak in a rewatch before the new season starts streaming at the top of November!