Inside the Fully Immersive Breaking Bad Experience

Breaking Bad fans were treated with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie and the full Breaking Bad Experience, a pop-up bar and restaurant in West Hollywood.

It’s been six years since Breaking Bad’s explosive series finale (pun intended).

While nothing could ever quite fill the void the AMC hit left behind, fans of the show were blessed with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie earlier this month and an entire pop-up bar and restaurant based on the series.

Breaking Bad – Credit: Nathaniel Wood

To be clear: you don’t need to be a fan of the show to enjoy the Breaking Bad Experience. However, it doesn’t hurt to be somewhat familiar with the show to understand all the wonderful and subtle ways the pop-up pays tribute to the iconic television series.

The Breaking Bad Experience comes from the same mastermind who created the Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills 90210 and Good Burger pop-ups, Derek Berry.

And once again, his team delivers on creating a fully immersive experience, complete with stacks of cash and the notorious one-eyed pink teddy bear, that takes you right into the world of the hit shows and Netflix movie.

Breaking Bad – Credit: Nathaniel Wood

Servers and bartenders are decked out in yellow Hazmat suits, and the food and drink menu is chock full of references to the series.

Breaking Bad – Credit: Nathaniel Wood

The unique selection of carefully crafted and aptly named libations include: The 505, The One That Knocks (it glows), Tread Lightly, Seven Thirty-Seven Down, Walter White, and Pinkman Rosé.

Breaking Bad – Credit: Nathaniel Wood

And yes, you can even order Hank Schrader’s very own Schraderbräu, available in a bottle or on tap.

Cleverly named “bites” include: Heisenburger Sliders (a personal favorite), Funyun Pie (which is actually served in a Funyon bag), Loaded Saul-sa Nachos (another personal favorite) and Fring Chili Cheese Fries.

Breaking Bad – Credit: Nathaniel Wood

And if you manage to save enough room for dessert, there’s a Let’s Cook! D.I.Y Ice Cream Sundae and Marie’s Purple Cake to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings.

Breaking Bad – Credit: Nathaniel Wood

Diners are encouraged to explore the pop-up, take a seat at a darn-near perfect replica of Saul Goodman’s desk and stand in front of the RV turned meth lab that started it all.

Breaking Bad – Credit: Nathaniel Wood

You can make a pit stop at Los Pollos Hermanos or take some Instagram worthy pictures with a massive periodical table, larger than life Walter White mural and various props provided.

Created by Vince Gilligan, the highly successful series ran from 2008 to 2013 with five seasons, 146 award wins and millions of viewers.

Starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White (AKA the infamous Heisenberg) and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, the series is inarguably one of the best television series of all time, which makes sense considering its unwavering popularity to this day.

Breaking Bad – Credit: Nathaniel Wood

Tickets for the pop-up, located at 7100 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, are $30 per person and currently available until the end of January 2020. That gives you more than enough time to binge the entire series on Netflix and reacquaint yourself with the one who knocks.

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be going!

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