5 good shows to watch on Hulu for Halloween weekend

A list of the best shows on Hulu to watch during the Halloween weekend, including fan-favorite Castle Rock, Killing Eve and more!

With Halloween coming up so soon, something everyone is checking off movies and shows from their Halloween movie list. Luckily, Hulu has a lot of options for you to check out this Halloween.

Classics like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th, automatically make the list, but what about TV shows?

With so many shows to scroll through on any platform, here’s a list to narrow down a few that should make it to that Halloween watch party.

Castle Rock

First on the list is a Hulu original that is inspired by the writings of Stephen King, and it got its name from his fictional town of Castle Rock.

When it comes to horror, Stephen King is one of those names that will come to everyone’s mind, and Castle Rock has definitely kept that trend of psychological horror going.

Season 1 kicks off with a mysterious inmate being found underneath Shawshank Prison who only talks to one person, Henry Deaver, who returns to find out who this inmate is. From the start, the show challenges what we think we know, every episode only takes us deeper down the rabbit hole.

Killing Eve

For fans of psychological thrillers, Killing Eve, is one of those shows to watch if you haven’t already.

The main character is Eve Polastri (played by Sandra Oh), a spy who is uninspired by her career as it is shown to be less exciting than Hollywood makes it seem. Eve spends more time at her desk, until the murder of a Russian politician brings her the chance for an exciting case. And what she finds more exciting is when she figures out that the assassin is a woman, Villanelle, who finds herself equally interested in Eve.

This is a must-watch for everyone!

The Handmaiden’s Tale

While this show may not be very similar as the others on the list, it belongs here as a way to show how real life can have its own horrors.

Following the trend of origins, this show was based on a dystopian novel of the same name written by Margaret Atwood. It is about a society where women are treated as property and are under the rule of a religious organization that forces certain women into being childbearing machines.

We follow one woman in particular whose name was June, before it was forcefully changed to Offred, as she navigates through the horrors of this world. This show is terrifying as, unlike other horror shows, the author has mentioned how the things that were written in the book were not works of fiction.

Light as a Feather

Based on a book of the same name, Light as a Feather is one of the more underrated shows on Hulu, but it can make for an enjoyable evening watch.

The story follows a group of high school girls who on Halloween decide to play the old game ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’ as a cemetery. The game is only meant to levitate the person in the middle, but it takes a turn when the girls are told how they are each going to die. And when one of them dies as predicted, they all must figure out what’s going on before they meet the same fate.


Similar to Light as a Feather, Freakish is a teen horror that is about a group of high school students that were in detention when an alarm rang, signaling them to evacuate. Following the drill procedure, the students and basketball coach went inside a bunker to wait until it was over.

When they venture out after the sirens stop, they find out that the alarms were not a drill, and the nearby chemical plant had exploded. The explosion caused the nearby residents to mutate into creatures resembling zombies, and the students have to work together to survive on the limited resources they have because if they leave the building, they may face the same fate.

What will you be watching on Hulu for Halloween? Share your picks with us!