15 classic movies that’d be better with Stranger Things’ Chief Jim Hopper as the lead

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things 3 - David Harbour
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

6. Jaws

Hopper could be a couple of different roles in this classic horror movie, but when it comes down to it, I think he’d make a perfect Hooper. Not only because his name almost matches, but because he could totally play the scientist trying to tell people about the shark and no one listening to him.

He’d be a grumpy, disgruntled delight and I would pay to see this. He’d also have some very creative curse words for when the shark came upon their boat. I’m not saying it would make the movie better to have Jim Hopper in it, but that’s also exactly what I’m saying. Sorry, Steven Spielberg. Also, Jim Hopper in more Hawaiian shirts?? Yes, please.

When he’s not taking on the shark, he’d be complaining about sand in his shoes, the people on the island who weren’t listening to his warnings about the shark, and how they were all going to die. He would also love cutting open a shark to find evidence of where it’s been.

And since he’s already fought off monsters much bigger than a shark (even this shark), he would definitely make it out alive. What’s a shark when you’ve fought off a Mind Flayer and a Demogorgon and been in the Upside Down? A shark would be nothing for him.

He’s also great at coming up with a plan and strategizing to tackle a problem (as shown when fighting the Russians) and that’s part of Hooper’s role in the film too, so Jim Hopper would be perfect for it.

5. Batman Begins

Based on Jim Hopper’s voice alone, he could easily play Batman. He has the gruff, gravelly voice and the tragic backstory, he just needs the bat suit and the car.

And just to be real for a minute, David Harbour would be an amazing Batman. He looks great playing a wealthy dude and plays a tortured hero like he was born for it. Please cast him as Bruce Wayne in something.

Ok, but back to Jim Hooper! While he would probably balk at wearing the suit, his inner child (the one that dances in front of Eleven) would kill for the Batmobile. Since he already fights crime and tries to get justice for those who’ve been harmed, he already has the principles of Batman. He’d just have to get the jumping off buildings with his wings thing.

Also, as we saw in season 3, Hopper is great at beating the crap out of people whether it’s to get information or just for fun. Since Batman isn’t a fan of guns, Hopper could use his fighting skills to knock down criminals and villains without needing any type of firearm.

And come on! Could you imagine Jim Hopper as Batman against the Joker or the Riddler? He’d be like “ you think you’re weird and evil, you should see the monsters I fought back in Hawkins. Now that’s weird!” He would be the perfect man for the part.

Eleven could even be his Robin. Although, since Eleven has powers, she’d probably be a little more helpful than most of the depictions of Batman’s sidekick have been in the past.

The real question is: who would be Hopper’s Alfred? I’m thinking Murray!