15 classic movies that’d be better with Stranger Things’ Chief Jim Hopper as the lead

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things - Star Wars
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

8. Fargo

Jim Hopper could play a couple of different roles in Fargo, but whatever part he played, he’d fit into the town perfectly. Hawkins, Indiana is not too far from North Dakota and they have similar values and people, so he’d already know what he was getting into.

The obvious role for him would be as one of the cops investigating the murders and kidnapping. He’s already a cop, so he’d be great at hunting down clues, interviewing suspects, and catching the multiple killers. Jerry wouldn’t stand a chance of getting away with having his wife kidnapped,

But I could also see him playing Jerry, the stressed-out husband who is in desperate need of money and willing to do anything, including having his wife kidnapped, to extort some money out of his father-in-law. We’ve already seen Hopper be stressed and worried, and this would simply amp that up a little bit.

In Stranger Things, we never really get to see him at his worst. Sure, he’s popping pills, getting drunk,  and sleeping with any woman who will have him, but we never see him in the months after his daughter died or when his marriage is falling apart. In those moments, he could show the desperation needed to be someone like Jerry.

Hopper could also play off the funnier parts in this film too. He has great comedic moments with the kids and Joyce in all of the seasons and while he may not think of himself as a funny guy, in his grumpiness and irritation, he can be absurdly hilarious.

Whether he plays the cop, the clueless husband, or one of the small-town criminals, Jim Hopper would be brilliant in Fargo.

7. Stars Wars

Ok, before all the Star Wars fans kill me, hear me out. Jim Hopper gives off serious Han Solo vibes. He may be a cop, but he has no problem breaking the rules. He’s also a bit disheveled, and while he may complain that he wants to do things himself or be alone, he’s great at working with and leading a team. He’d be a perfect partner to Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and the rest of the people (and robots) fighting for the Resistance.

He’d also need to be a character with a sense of humor and a sarcastic bite, and Han Solo is one of the only characters to exhibit both of those traits in the franchise. Hopper is also a bit of a smooth talker when he wants to be (see the scene where he stole that guy’s car) and would be a perfect thief/smuggler, talking his way out of all kinds of trouble.

Hopper also has the need for adventure that Han Solo has. He may not show it when we first see him at the beginning of Stranger Things, but he definitely likes to be part of an investigation or in terms of Star Wars, a mission to defeat the Empire. If he falls in love with Princess Leia along the way, I don’t think he’d mind too much.

And while he would probably love a lightsaber, he’s more of a laser gun kind of guy, and with that being what Han Solo uses as a weapon, it makes it even more the perfect role for Hopper.

Imagine him and Chewbacca piloting the Millenium Falcon! It would be amazing.