15 classic movies that’d be better with Stranger Things’ Chief Jim Hopper as the lead

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

10. From Russia with Love

After he helped thwart the Russians by infiltrating their headquarters in the Hawkins mall, Hopper showed he could easily play the most famous spy in the world, James Bond

He may not be British and he should definitely not try to mimic the accent (that would not be good), but he could certainly fight off villains, drive fast in an Aston Martin, and seduce any and all women he meets. I don’t think he’d have a problem with any of that whatsoever. He’d also look great in the suit!

While he could be in any of the James Bond films, after last season of Stranger Things, From Russia with Love fits the best. He’s already thwarted the Soviets once, he could certainly do it again. As we saw in season 3, he’s certainly able to come up with a plan to get past Russian guards in the way of what he wants.

He also doesn’t have a problem using weapons and while he may not be as sleek as James Bond usually is, with a punch or two and using his skills as a cop to evade people, he’d still be great as the next 007.

He certainly knows how to come up with a strategy quickly as he showed when he snuck into the Hawkins lab in season 1 and of course, when he got into the Russian headquarters with Joyce and Murray. He’s stealthy enough to get into places without anyone knowing and that’s one of the most important parts of being a spy.

While I’m still in the Idris Elba for Bond camp, Jim Hopper would work too.

9. Pride and Prejudice

I can already hear all my fellow Austenites screaming in indignation at this, but hear me out! Based on Hopper’s interactions with Joyce alone, he would make a pretty great Darcy.

He’s guarded enough that he wouldn’t let his feelings get the best of him and he’d probably actively fight them as he has done with Joyce. He totally would say something rude that would ultimately get overheard by the Elizabeth Bennet in this scenario and then feel bad about it. And he would absolutely fight for his sister (or Eleven) if any Wickhams came to town.

He’s also plenty romantic, not afraid of an “obstinate, headstrong girl”, and he’s a bit full of himself but willing to change. He’s also shown he’s willing to apologize when confronted with something he’s done wrong (at least eventually) and he’s a man who’s deeply introspective, just like Darcy.

Hopper also seems like a guy who, if you make him mad or gone behind his back once, he won’t be forgiving you anytime soon. Also, as shown in the first episode of the first season, he’s willing to help those he cares about most. While he might have been skeptical of Joyce’s worries, he still tried to help her figure out where Will was and he’s continued helping her since.

He may not have the money or the connections of Mr. Darcy, but since he’s a modern man who doesn’t really make a difference. The Elizabeth in a modern world wouldn’t need his money to avoid destitution and ruin (omg, who would be the Lydia in this scenario? Max? Nancy?).

Jim Hopper may not look like romantic hero material but he certainly acts like one.