15 classic movies that’d be better with Stranger Things’ Chief Jim Hopper as the lead

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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377299 01: 1998 Adam Sandler in New Line Cinema’s comedy, “The Wedding Singer.”
377299 01: 1998 Adam Sandler in New Line Cinema’s comedy, “The Wedding Singer.” /

14. The Wedding Singer

I firmly believe that Police Chief Jim Hopper would be absolutely brilliant in the role of Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer. He has the disheveled look that Robbie needs when Linda breaks his heart and he goes into a spiral of depression and alcohol, but he’s also able to clean up well enough to be the Robbie everyone knows and loves and who Julia ends up falling in love with.

We don’t know if Hopper can sing, but for this, let’s pretend he can. He could easily fall into the roll of brooding singer trying to get by no longer doing weddings because they remind him too much of what he lost. Then Julia asks him to help plan her wedding and through that process, they realize they’re perfect for each other.

Also, once Robbie finds out that Julia’s fiance, Glen, is cheating on her, it’d be easy to see Hopper doing what Adam Sandler’s version didn’t: beating the crap out of Glen. Hopper wouldn’t let it pass and not tell her.

He’d also be great with the kids at the wedding and bar mitzvahs he performs at. Hopper may play at acting like he thinks kids are annoying, but he’s actually pretty good with them. He treats them like adults and that goes a long way to earning their respect

While Hopper’s version of this role would be a little different from Sandler’s it would be just as good. And most of all, Hopper could really use some romance and what better way than by starring in this classic romantic comedy.

13. Beauty and the Beast

Whether it’s the animated version or the live-action, I think Hopper would make a great Beast (aka Adam) in Beauty and the Beast. And this is no dig at his looks (have you seen David Harbour?), he just has the same tortured, cursed vibe going on as the Beast. He also has the kind of rough voice someone needs to play the role.

Again, Hopper needs some romance! After his daughter died and his marriage fell apart, he could use some happiness even if it’s just a role in a movie. Although, he might have some issues with the whole lock a girl in a dungeon thing. But other than that, he’d be a great Beast.

And after fighting off real “beasts” in Hawkins, this would be a nice break for him.

The only problem (again) might be the whole singing thing. Can he sing? We have yet to hear him sing on Stranger Things, but since the Beast really only sings the one song (Something There), he could probably make it work.

He’d make up for it with all the other scenes. Can you imagine Hopper fighting Gaston? It would be epic!

While we don’t really get to see him be the romantic hero (Joyce would probably punch him if he tried to save her), Jim Hopper could totally play the part. He has a big heart under all those layers of grumpiness and sarcasm, would look great in the Beast’s formal outfit, and has been shown to be a bit of a romantic. He’d make the perfect Beast in this classic Disney movie.