15 classic movies that’d be better with Stranger Things’ Chief Jim Hopper as the lead

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Stranger Things
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Jim Hopper of Stranger Things is a man of many layers which begs the question: what other roles would be be great in? Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

Chief Jim Hopper is definitely one of the best characters in Stranger Things. He is so multi-dimensional that even in season 3 we were still finding out more about who his character is and how he reacts to different situations.

He can be the sad loner who’s trying to get beyond his tragic past. He can be the cop chasing down the bad guys and investigating what’s going on in his town. He can be the stern father who will yell at Eleven if her bedroom door isn’t open a certain amount of inches when Mike is over.

He can be the warrior going into whatever circumstance with his gun raised ready to take down whatever Russian, monster, or government bureaucrat that gets in his way. Or, he can be the guy with a soft spot for Joyce Byers who will bicker with her to no end.

He plays so many roles in one show that’s it’s not hard to imagine him in other scenarios as well. Who says he couldn’t be the lead in a romantic comedy, an action-adventure, a horror movie, or a classic Disney film? He has so many different sides to his character, it’s easy to see him taking that to other characters and other films and TV shows.

He might even be better than the actors who played those roles to begin with (no offense!)

So, let’s take a look at 15 classic movies we think Jim Hopper would be great in as the lead character.

15. Father of the Bride

Jim Hopper gives off major dad vibes now that he has Eleven in his life and that makes him perfect for Steve Martin’s role in Father of the Bride. After watching him see Eleven with Mike, he would be exceptional as the protective father dealing with his daughter getting married, trying to navigate all the wedding planning,  and meeting his soon-to-be son-in-law for the first time.

Can you imagine Eleven coming home for the first time in a while and she spills the beans that she’s getting married and hey, here’s my future husband? He might try to reign in his anger after what Joyce taught him, but more likely, he would lose his mind and try to call off the wedding.

This would end up with Eleven never talking to him again and then Joyce (yes, I’m pretending Hopper and Joyce are married) would have to intervene and tell him how ridiculous he was being.

Also, just think about Hopper and the flamboyant wedding planner (played by Martin Short). I don’t know if he’d be as level-headed as Steve Martin is in this movie. And that’s saying something considering Steve Martin is in a borderline rage for most of the film.

Hopper’s more expressive with his feelings and doesn’t feel the need to keep his anger in check, especially when he thinks Eleven might be harmed. That would be on full display in this scenario.

But one thing Hopper and Steve Martin’s portrayal have in common is how protective they are of their daughters and how much they don’t want to let go. Hopper knows what it’s like to lose the people he loves, so he tries to hold onto the ones he has left with an iron grip. Any adult kid is going to fight against this and that’s where the hijinks begin.