Colin Ford talks Supernatural references and more in Daybreak

DAYBREAK -- Photo credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
DAYBREAK -- Photo credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Colin Ford plays the lead role of Josh in Netflix’s upcoming show, Daybreak. He’s also known for Supernatural, and there are a few references in the series. We talked them and more in this exclusive interview.

Supernatural fans will know Colin Ford as Young Sam Winchester. Well, he’s all grown up and has a show of his own now. The upcoming post-apocalypse series, Daybreak, is out on Netflix tomorrow and there are a fair few Supernatural references throughout.

How well planned were they for Ford to take on the role? That’s something we discuss, along with breaking the fourth wall, in this exclusive interview.

Netflix Life: Let’s start with touching on being the lead of a TV show. What’s that been like for you?

Colin Ford: It’s a dream come true. I mean, it’s so exciting to be on Netflix and working on Daybreak. Josh is everything I ever wanted to play in a character. I love that he kind of has two different personalities, kind of contrasting. In the pre-apocalypse world, Josh is an average kid, struggling with all kinds of insecurities. He’s new to Glendale High School, doesn’t have a lot of friends.

In the post-apocalyptic world, things changed for him. He’s strong and confident. It’s really, really fun getting to represent both versions of Josh on the screen, and that’s what made me so excited about this role. It’s really cool as an actor to have the chance to play opposite personalities within the same character.

NL: It’s not so often you get the chance to do that.

Ford: Yeah, so I’m really excited.

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NL: I do have to ask as a Supernatural fan myself and following you since you were Young Sam Winchesters, how long did it take for you to recognize the Supernatural references and what were your thoughts when you saw them?

Ford: Oh, yeah! Supernatural is such a big role in my life. Being on the page, I was like “Oh my gosh, people are gonna, if I get this, people are going to make that connection.” I know how die-hard the Supernatural fans are. It’s such an amazing community. I knew they would see me on screen and hear another character called Sam Dean and they’d make a comment.

But it was funny because other actors, like Sophie, had never heard of Supernatural before. It was simply a coincidence that Sam Dean were the character’s names.

NL: This show breaks down the fourth wall and you don’t get to do that much with TV. What was it like being able to just talk to the camera. I mean, actors train their whole lives not to look at the camera.

Ford: It’s cool! I really, really enjoyed doing that. One of my first experiences was a conversation with Matthew Broderick about breaking the fourth wall. We were sitting in our cast chairs and he says to me, “so, what was it like talking to the camera?” And I said, “Oh, well, it’s a little intimidating. You know, one of the things that trips me up a little bit is actually seeing yourself in the reflection of the lens.”

Before I could even finish my sentence, he goes “you can see yourself in the lense.” He went through the same thing. You get through it, try to block it out. It was great to have Matthew there as a source of wisdom.

NL: I was going to ask what it was like to have him there since the show has such a Ferris Bueller vibe.

Ford: It was really cool because we got Ferris Bueller. It was special and I was excited.

NL: What can you tease about Josh?

Ford: I will say that when you think you know exactly what’s going on, something else happens. Daybreak is really about finding your tribe. And I think that Josh is going to go on a journey; he’s going to find his tribe.

He didn’t know or didn’t have a chance or opportunity to find his tribe, a good group of friends, before the apocalypse. Now he’s going to use the apocalypse as a catalyst to become the best version of himself to live his best life. He’ll find the people that you know are going to have his back.

NL: So, if this was real life, how do you think you’d react in this apocalypse world?

Ford: Well, I think I identify a lot with Josh. I would do pretty good, but definitely live my best life.

NL: It looks like so much fun on set and you’ve barely got any adults, especially in terms of main cast. What’s that been like for everyone?

Ford: It’s cool. We’re all pretty similar in age and have similar interests. We can all chat about things, so it’s really nice to work with a bunch of people my age. I think we just have a really great time and it creates great camaraderie on set. We know we want to do it for many years.

NL: Obviously, you’ll want to do this for some time and hopefully, Netflix renews it because everyone can’t help but tune in, but if you could do absolutely any role at all, what would your dream role be?

Ford: I’m a big, big Matt Damon fan. And I think if I could go back into, I don’t think I would necessarily do it better, but I would love to play a Talented Mr. Ripley type character. Or maybe the Bourne series.

NL: There’s a chance there with Treadstone.

Ford: Yeah, I can’t wait to see that.

What are you excited to see from Colin Ford in Daybreak? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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