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Netflix’s original fantasy Raising Dion is based on a new comic book by Dennis Liu with same name. With other popular Netflix original television series such as Stranger Things and Marianne streaming, why watch Raising Dion?

Why should you watch Raising Dion when there are so many other great shows on Netflix? Well that’s a good question, and we have the answer – actually we have five good answers for watching Raising Dion. This exciting and thrilling television series premise centers around the relationship between a mother and her son. That is the main theme for this series and everything that happens in the nine episodes of season 1 revolves around that relationship.

Caution: There are minor spoilers in this post for Raising Dion

Alisha Wainwright (Shadow Hunters, Lethal Weapon) plays the mother, Nicole Warren, and Ja’siah Young is Dion Warren. They are trying to get on with their lives after the death of Mark Warren played by Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther), who is Nicole’s Husband and Dion’s father. Nicole had to move to Atlanta and put Dion in a new school as they struggle to achieve normalcy.

Nicole is trying to keep it together for Dion while grieving for Mark and nothing seems to be going right. Literally in one day, she gets fired from her job and discovers Dion has strange unexplained powers and there is no one she trusts to confide in about those powers without coming across as crazy. If that wasn’t enough stress to put on Nicole, she finds the number of a stranger Mark supposedly died trying to save. It seems the woman Mark saved wasn’t a stranger after all.

With the help of Mark’s best friend Pat, played by Jason Ritter, Nicole tries to teach her son how to control his powers, while trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy for him. They also try to track down Charlotte Tuck, played by Deirdre Lovejoy, the woman Mark died saving hoping to figure out what is happening to Dion and how Mark really died.

Aside from the unusual story, Raising Dion is about a seven-year-old child with superhero powers and is told from the unique perspective from when before Dion becomes a superhero. That plot provides plenty of reasons to watch the series, but we will explore five of those main reasons to watch Raising Dion.

5. It explores the special bond between mother and child.

Most superhero movies rarely show the bond between the hero and their mother. In fact, most of the time you don’t even meet the mother or see how they grew up. One gets a brief glimpse into their past and then suddenly they are superheroes.

In Raising Dion you meet Nicole who only wants to raise her child and get on with her life, but instead realizes Dion has extraordinary powers. Now, she struggles trying to find a balance between Dion’s powers and letting him be a child.

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4. Believable storyline

Nicole acts like a normal mother when confronted with abnormal situations. She freaks out, gets scared and has serious doubts about her abilities to deal with the situation. Nicole is very human and vulnerable, suffering a near breakdown when first discovering Dion’s powers almost falling apart.

While she struggles to get it together for Dion’s sake concentrating on helping her son control his powers. Dion as a typical seven-year-old treats these new abilities as a game, something to show off to his mother and she wants to him to keep that innocence, but learn self-control.

3. You know and love the characters

Character development is slower in Raising Dion than other television series so that you get to experience the characters growing and evolving. You get to know Nicole intimately, feel what she is feeling and can even relate to her. So that you care what happens to them, and you can’t help but root them on their endeavors.

2. Knuckle gripping suspense

There are great storylines and great characters that draw you in and won’t let you go until the very end of the episode. But, how did Dion get his powers and why are those powers just coming out now? Why hadn’t Dion revealed his powers before now?

I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t watched the series yet, but the mystery is spell-binding and each episode just feeds you bread crumbs. Gives you a glimpse into the plot, then when you think you know it, changes it.

I love these kinds of shows and I cannot wait to see how it continues to unfold, because so far, I haven’t guessed anything correctly. That’s what keeps pulling me back to this exciting series; the want to know how it ends.

1. What happened in Iceland

Last, but not least reason to watch Raising Dion is the mystery itself. The mystery of who is stalking Dion. What really happened to Mark and why is Biona tracking people that were all in Iceland at the same time?

Again, I don’t want to spoil the series for you, but it all started in Iceland when Mark went there to see a comet. There were other people witnessing this celestial event as well and something happened.

Raising Dion is not only a heartwarming story about the bond between mother and son, but reflects the lengths a mother will go to protect her child. Wrap that up in a great storyline interwoven with suspense and freaky happenings and you have a serious must-watch television series.

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