Leslie David Baker shares what fans need to do for The Office special

At Los Angeles Comic-Con 2019, several cast members from The Office appeared for a special panel. In it, one of them hinted at a Christmas Special happening.

The North American adaptation of The Office has been off the air for years, but its popularity hasn’t ceased one bit. Audiences in attendance of LACC’s panel can attest to that and then some. There’s also the fact that Netflix subscribers still rewatch The Office more than a majority of other titles on the streamer, at least according to Screen Rant and other media outlets.

The good news is fans hoping more of their favorite NBC comedy will be happy to know that whispers of a Christmas Special are floating around. Nothing concrete has been confirmed yet, but The Office’s Leslie David Baker gave LACC attendees a particularly important message regarding a reunion.

Towards the panel’s end, the actor who played Stanley Hudson told fans to “write NBC if they want to see a Christmas Special.” He went on to say that’s the only way to make things happen, and we believe him. It’s unclear where the idea was initially proposed, but perhaps Baker’s suggestion was in lieu of fans requesting said reunion.

According to a report from Deadline, NBC is considering rebooting the show for their upcoming streaming service, Peacock.

Come to think of it, a Christmas-themed episode could bring everyone back to Dunder Mifflin. The show’s characters sort of drifted off into different directions during the finale. A holiday could feasibly see them reunited. Of course, a particularly important event would have to coincide with Christmas for every cast member to make the trip back.

In my opinion, a wedding or someone’s unexpected death could work as the catalyst to bring everyone home. Toby (Paul Lieberstein) did seem extremely depressed during the documentary Q&A, and he moved to New York following his stint at Dunder Mifflin. Maybe he met someone?

Whatever the case may be, an Office Christmas Special is exactly what we need right now. The reboot spoken of in recent years has yet to make any headway, which makes a one-episode spectacular the ideal substitute until something does happen.

Do you want to see The Office cast reunite for a Christmas Special? Let us know in the comments.

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