5 top moments from How to Get Away with Murder season 6 episode 3

How to Get Away with Murder - Photo by Catrina Maxwell/Getty Images for SCAD
How to Get Away with Murder - Photo by Catrina Maxwell/Getty Images for SCAD /

How to Get Away with Murder season 6, episode 3 was jam-packed with drama, tension, and a whole lot of secrets revealed. Here are the top 5 moments!

How to Get Away with Murder was back with episode 3 of season 6, titled “Do You Think I’m A Bad Man,” and OMG, am I the only one who was anxious through the entire episode?

Mistakes were made, secrets were revealed, mistakes were fixed, and things we thought were true turned out not to be the entire story. There were a ton of great moments but some stood out more than others.

Let’s look at the top 5 moments from this week’s episode.

1. Michaela in the courtroom

Michaela was in charge of this week’s case and her client was Brandi, a wife who robbed a “cash and hurry” with her husband, Troy. Unfortunately, while fleeing from the police, the cops killed Troy and she had to watch him die in her arms.

The DA charged her with various crimes and Michaela, along with the rest of the law clinic, worked to get them all dismissed. All of them except for the restitution. The restitution meant Brandi would have to pay for the medical bills of the police who killed her husband (among other things). But Michaela was not having any of it. She was determined to have all charges dropped.

At first, this did not go well. When she fought with the DA to get the amount reduced to zero, the DA fought back by introducing felony murder to the list of charges. So Michaela then had to figure out how to get that charge dropped along with the restitution. Needless to say, Brandi was not happy and neither was Annalise.

That’s when Annalise and Gabriel agreed that Michaela needed to put Brandi on the stand. At first, this goes great, but then she ended up threatening the DA and held in contempt. It isn’t until Michaela and Annalise are talking about Sam’s death that they realize the solution. The DA is afraid of Brandi filing a wrongful death suit against the police department.

Michaela puts the ADA on the stand and asks him why the DA’s report about the police shooting isn’t out yet and when he delays his answer, she gets the judge to subpoena the report and his emails. This leads to them securing a deal where Brandi gets only probation.

2. Connor screws up big time

Connor couldn’t have messed up more this week. While still working on Hector and Marisol’s case from last week, he goes to Maryland to have Marisol sign her asylum application. It should be an easy job except he decides to bring Hector along with him which, to the law, is considered kidnapping since he takes him over state lines. It just gets worse from there.

When Marisol and Hector are spending time together, ICE shows up and takes mother and son away, leaving Connor to call Oliver. Oliver then goes to get help from Bonnie and Tegan.

Bonnie uses her tactics to get them all into the office to fight the arrest, but when her plan ends up backfiring, it’s Tegan who gets them released. Without them, Connor would have lost the case completely and put his clients in danger.

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3. Tegan is…married?

During Connor’s debacle, Tegan makes a phone call to the Undersecretary for Intelligence and Analysis at Homeland Security, Cora Duncan, to get the agent keeping Hector and Marisol to release them. What we find out for the first time is that Cora is not an acquaintance or a friend of Tegan’s, but her wife.

We don’t find out much more until Tegan talks to Annalise about being married. Apparently, there are divorce papers making the rounds, but Tegan hasn’t sent hers in. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops. How to Get Away with Murder always does well with complicated relationships.

4. Gabriel and Vivian

The struggle between Gabriel and his mother, Vivian, continued this week with Vivian begging Gabriel to come home. But then she sees him perform in court and realizes what a gift he has. Unfortunately, her praise doesn’t have the effect she expects. Instead of being happy, he tells her that Annalise’s accusation against him is true

Last week, we saw Vivian confront Gabriel about killing her boyfriend, Paul, but we never saw him confirm it. This week that happened. He told her he killed Paul and in a heartbreaking scene, the two broke down in tears together.

5. Frank’s search for Laurel

Frank’s search for Laurel continued this week, but instead of thinking she’d been kidnapped, he finally has some evidence that she’s hiding on her own volition. He found a picture of her leaving the bank and getting into a cab by herself. He then finds the cab that picked her up and talked to the driver.

At first, the driver gives him nothing. But then he finds Frank in a dark alley (that’s where all secrets are revealed, right?) and finally spills that there were men where he dropped Laurel off who threatened to kill him if he told anyone her location. But he gives Frank the information and he ends up finding Laurel’s brother (and an empty crib) at the hideout. Will Frank make it out alive? Hopefully, we’ll find out next week.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC

What did you think of this week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder? What was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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